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  1. NAPA auto parts sells a heavy duty manual on-off switch, made for isolating batteries. I have installed them in the middle of the grounding wire circuit, secretly located inside of a fenderwell to prevent theft. This could be used if your towd's lighting is getting its power from your RV.
  2. Since it is a "sticks and staples" type of motorhome on a truck chassis, and after confirming the front end alignment and/or rebuild, maybe you could look into one of the aftermarket steering stabilizers offered to the RV market like this one from Roadmaster http://www.roadmasterinc.com/products/rss/reflex.html Also, I have been reading articles in the FMCA magazine about S&S type of motorhome suspensions bring overloaded right from the factory, it may have a broken rear spring, or worn out already bushings, get it on a rack and look under it really well. Take a quick look also for Converted Busses, for $30K you could find a really really nice Conversion on a chassis thats made to last a Million miles, built like a fort, and returns many smiles and random "thumbs-up" wherever you go! Mike Siebert F421097 Portland OR 1948 Gillig
  3. NO NEED for the ACC position! There is an "off" position next to the Lock position that keeps the electrical off and the steering column UNlocked!
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