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  1. Any one had a EPDM roof replaced lately?
  2. Changed oil and Anti Freeze on start up all good but shut down and flashing light one indicate hot but it is not hot fluid or any where I can tell. any experience with this?
  3. JimOC towed on a Demco tow Dolly with surge brakes. Nice thing about Demco is the steering axle which keeps the toad from cheating on tight turns. We now tow a 2014 Ford SUV all wheel drive which can not be towed with front axle on a dolly. The only difference to me is the storage issue,
  4. Looks like we are joining the conversation late. Our plan is to go to Alaska late May 2012. We are interested in running with someone else and need not go every where together. One reason we did not think much of a Tour is it is more structured than we are planning. One thing i want to do is go up to Dead Horse on the Dalton Highway (The Haul Road). Other than that we are pretty flexible. and could hook up again after that side trip. Any one want to "talk" Contact Jim@PeninsulaEstates.com. We are in Redwood City CA and could adjust our route to and through Canada.
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