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  1. I have a 2010 Winnebago Journey Express with Power gear slide outs. The RPE Controller is giving me an intermittent low voltage warning when operating the slide. The warning occurs most often when bringing in the slides. I have new batteries (4 months old) and run the engine at a fast idle. Any ideas about this or is this even a problem.
  2. There are time when I cannot use my satellite dish and need to use the parks cable TV. I have a 2010 Winnebago Journey Express and when I hook up to the outside cable, using the correct connection on the coach, I cannot figure out how to get the signal to the TV. I am reasonably good at figuring things out and this issue seems to defy a solution. The manual is of little help. Any assistance would be helpful. Ed
  3. My best advise is determine what type of RVing you want to do. We like going to a lot of beaches and out of the way places, which do not allow the largest RV's. We have a 34' 2010 Winnebago Journey Express and love it.
  4. Thanks for the lead. I agree if I was to burn something out I prefer it be at the begining of my system not the middle. I read the manual for the PowerLine 2004 Energy Management system and it did not mention one word about surge protection, so I am assuming that it does not. Ed
  5. In January we purchased a 2010 Journey Express (new)and doing what many new coach owners do drive the thing home open the door and throw in $10,000 worth of stuff. The coach comes with an energy management system, generator auto start, converter/inverter, Etc., but does not have a surge protector. I am looking to install a permanently mounted surge protector and am looking for recommendations. I would consider a portable one but I would rather not have the extra step on installing it everytime we hook up and besides someone could just walk away with. Thanks Ed
  6. Until recently I have had execllent experience with every sewer hose system. I am going to try the Therford Smart Drain.
  7. I recently purchased, in January a 2010 Winnebago Journey Express and have taken two trips (some of us still have to hold up the economy at least until early 2012). On both trips the sewer hold came undone when I dumped. The first was at the Pit Stop in Quartzsite AZ, I used their hose and their connection was well worn. The second was last weekend and I used my own hose, which is in excellent condition. I have been RVing for sometime and have never experienced this. Does the Winnebago require a special hose? I noticed when the dump valves open the tanks empty very quickly. Any recommendations Ed and Louise
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