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  1. Last year we experienced a Cummins engine "de-rate" event with our Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) emissions system. For those unfamiliar "de-rate" means eventually being limited to 5 miles per hour or less...and in consequence calling a towing service. We were much more fortunate than some experiencing such problems as software updates and recalibration of a pump component resolved our immediate issue, but now we approach each trip with apprehension and heightened anxiety. Last year FMCA undertook to survey Members on failure/repair issues associated with the DEF emissions system. Five months later no information has been released to Survey respondents, nor to the Membership. I did find the EXECUTIVE BOARD MEETING MINUTES of last December (12/2/2021) reported that "Linda Burdette, Chairman of the Governmental and Legislative Affairs Committee, provided an update on the Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) issue. She stated that the committee is in the process of collecting data on issues that the members are having. A survey was sent out to 23,000 FMCA members who own a motorhome with a year of 2008 and later. Comments are being collected from the responses, and the survey data will be reviewed once the survey is completed. She reported that there are several theories about why the issues are happening. Once the data is analyzed, committee members can reach out to Cummins with details on the issues and try to negotiate a fix for the issues." Recently I asked Rett Porter, our FMCA President "Could the preliminary analysis, along with an updated plan of activity, be quickly distributed to members waiting for this information? Please consider posting on the FMCA website and notifying members how to access via email." Mr. Porter replied " Please be patient as I’m not going to release any information at this time." I think those of us with the risk/exposure to this issue deserve to be updated. I worry with every trip that my engine will "de-rate" again, and that we will be less fortunate than before and subject to a protracted and expensive repair. If you also are concerned please contact Mr. Porter at rporter@fmca.com.
  2. The Mopar Flat Tow harness was installed on our 2014 cherokee by our local Jeep deal in 2016. We towed without any "wobble" until this Fall when the Cherokee trashed wildly and damaged the tow bar. An investigation discovered that that our power steering was actually not on when flat tow was set. A simple test (turning the wheel) could have revealed that earlier, but was not part of the Mopar instructions. The two dealers who checked the system were unaware also. It seems so obvious now, but we had presumed the kit was working properly and never thought to try to test it. FCC had the harness replaced under warranty and it has been working properly for several weeks now. If you are not already, do this test before towing.
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