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  1. I love my Magnashade - what a difference in temp inside! We are big Auburn Tigers football tailgaters and had Roger imprint Tiger Eyes on ours. Love it! We had a lot of wind from Storm Debby and the shade didn't move. Easy on in about half a minute and no ladder - another plus. Our motorhome has the push button MCD day shade and night shade but it still would get so hot up front because they are on the inside. The decision was to get an outside shade and after looking at all of the options (and the fact that I did not want to put snaps on the outside of our coach) we chose Magnashades. We think we made the right choice.
  2. I drive our motorhome, a 40' diesel pusher, about half the time. I learned through (forcing myself to do it) practice. We use radios to communicate when backing. I started by learning on the interstate just as mentioned before. He pulled into a rest area and we swapped places. I drove, thinking I was going to pull over at the next one but I got comfortable pretty quickly so I kept on driving. Then I moved on to the 4-lane roads, then 2-lane. I learned to watch my rear - that tail swing can get you in trouble - by practicing in parking lots like Wal-mart and I also learned where the front in really is the same way. We took orange cones to a parking lot and I practiced until I was comfortable and had marked my spots on the dash for the front, camera for the back. I found that at nearly every campground someone is there willing to help. My first backing experience nearly gave me a heart attack on the spot. I moved by inches but I had watched a video on where to line up online with the corner ten feet from the rear. I did it! Man was I excited - I hadn't wiped out anything, anyone or our coach. It took forever but no one said a thing! Just helped me out. Once you learn to drive, you will wonder why you didn't do it earlier because it really is a fun experience. I also learned to operate the systems, they are really easy to learn. Now we share the duties but I could do it by myself if need be. You will do fine! Just ask a neighbor, they will help you figure it out if you have any problems.
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