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  1. Thanks to all responses. I have scheduled it for check out at the local GMC dealer next week.
  2. 2003, 96,000 miles, just bought it. Unit does not seem to have been well maintained. I did have a comprssion test done as well as new spark plugs and wires when I first bought it.
  3. Recently purchased a Allegro gas coach with an 8.1 liter GM engine. I have driven it 200 + miles and have gotten a PO332 code twice. That code is "Knock Sensor 2 Circuit Low Input Bank 2". Should I be concerned? Would a higher octane gas help? Take it to the shop? Any input would be appreciated.
  4. I recently purchased a 2003 Allegro 30A with a W20 WH chassis. I have not chassis manual and have been unable to contact Workhorse. The web site Workhorse.com is electric autos?? I really need the Workhorse manual for maint requirements and operation questions. Any help would be appreciated.
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