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  1. There's another new way to create a wireless hotspot in your RV using your Verizon data service. It's a device called the MiFi and it is like a card and a router all in one. It looks pretty cool. Check it out at Verizon.

    Sadly that link doesn't seem to work but I think you might be talking about what I have which is the Verizon MiFi. It's great!!

    I also have a regular Verizon cell phone and a Verizon home connect.

    The home connect is GREAT because I just put it in the basement of the motorhome and plug it into the incoming phone jack (I have a 1998 motorhome which is pre mass cell phone usage) and then I can just plug a regular house phone into the phone jacks that are installed throughout the interior of the motorhome. I use ATT trimline phones and there is one located at all the convenient locations. The nice thing is that they fit in your hand and you can HEAR everything. I love technology but there are some older things that I prefer like a regular house phone.

    I know that newer motorhomes are not wired with phone jacks but it's easy enough to do. The best thing about the home connect is that it can be taken from home to home with the same phone number and then you just plug it into your home telephone system.

    For snow birds, it is the deal.

  2. When I purchased my Bounder Bus, it had drive tires all the way around, including the tag axle. I replaced all of the tires using the appropriate steer tires on the front and had each wheel wieghed with the correct pressure put in each. It's a 36 foot long 1998 on a Ford Chassis and with the Henderson's Line Up and steer safe, I can drive it with my index finger. Obviously I don't do that - I pretty much keep both hands on the wheel at all times but my point is that this is not a custom chassis, it's just a 15 year old gasoline powered Ford but with proper tires and correct service to the vehicle, it performs the way it should.

  3. I use a Verizon MiFi 4G, Verizon Cell Phone, and Verizon Home Connect.

    The MiFi 4G and Cell phone are $85.00 month.

    The Home Connect is $25.00 a month and has unlimited calling, free long distance, voice mail, call waiting, etc. The best part is that I can place the box in my Hook-Up Bay and plug it into the factory installed phone system that is built into my coach. That way I can utilize regular home telephones and plug them into all of the jacks that are up in the coach. There are jacks in the cockpit, living area, dining, bathroom and bedroom. I just use regular old ATT slimline phones at each jack. Even when driving, this phone sytem still works because the home connect has a built in battery with two hours of talk time. It's pretty cool to be able to use a regular home telephone because the sound quality is so much better than any cell phone I've ever used. Not to mention free long distance. Also, if you have a home in addition to your motorhome, you can take the box out of the motorhome and use it as your home telephone sytem.

    This is great for snowirds or anyone who motorhomes or goes from home to home. That way you always keep one number.

  4. On a recent Friday morning, I had the pleasure to visit the Tallahassee Antique Automobile and Collectibles Museum. I arrived early, about 8:30 a.m. and parked in the museum's parking lot with my Bounder Bus and car in tow. There were some workers outside waiting for their day to start and I asked them if I could park where I was as I was taking up many parking spaces. They were just as friendly as could be and said that I was fine to park there and that even though they were not open yet, I could just go on inside.

    This is a private museum. It is actually one man's private collection and it is HUGE and VAST. The owner is well known, in fact he's famous as a documentary movie entitled American Made was produced about his life. Imagine my surprise as he greated me inside and gave me a personal tour of part of his collection.

    I spent half the day here and had a great time. Upon leaving, the owner, Mr. Devoe Moore, gave me a signed wrist band for a free return visit. This was an awesome destination. They also have incredible facilities for weddings, reunions, or any other event you could imagine.

    Also, there's an RV park next door.

    Just thought I would share this hidden gem of Florida's panhandle with you.

    Here's a link to the site: http://tacm.com/


  5. I'd stick with passing ATL after 7:00 p.m. (in fact, the later, the better). Late morning won't do you any good if you're trying to avoid traffic. Traffic in ATL is heavy all during the daylight hours. I lived in mid-town Atlanta for 3 years.

    As far as a stopping point, I would go with the exit 263 walmart, just north of ATL. Take exit 263 off of 75 and then travel West on 120 until you get to US 41. Go North on 41 to Walmart on left. The address is 210 Cobb Parkway South. Marietta, GA 30060. 770-429-9029 is their phone number.

  6. Also, I see your RV is gas. Since you're towing a jeep, you wil have to be VERY careful in choosing gas stations. Unfortunately, this can be a real hassle because you cannot back up when towing (unless your tow vehicle is COMPLETELY off the ground on a trailer). You need to choose stations that you can get into and out of without backing up.

    Flying J has RV lanes that enable you to get in and out with having to back up. The lanes are always located next to the big white propane tank off to the right or left of the main pumps for cars. There are Flying J stations on 81. Pilot does NOT have RV lanes at all of their locations. Get a Pilot/Flying J RV guide at your first Flying J and check for RV Lanes.

    I'm gas so I now about this. If you were diesel, you could always go where the trucks go and its no problem.

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