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  1. I like the photographs in your posting! Is Oak Hill off of I-88? My camp is on I-88 south east of Albany in Chenango County, NY.
  2. When you go to D.C., have you planned where you are going to stay?
  3. I've been going to Letchworth for YEARS and love every visit. There is SO MUCH history here. Every visit is like a first time visit, especially when you come upon the view of the middle and upper falls from "inspiration point." The views are awe inspiring and this is coming from someone who has been to the Grand Canyon. Also, history buffs will love the museum, located accross from the "Glenn Iris Inn" and will appreciate the area's role in the civil war, WWII (p.o.w. camp for captured German soldiers), and, of course, the CCC architecture.
  4. Yes - Black Rock Mountain in Georgia during Thanksgiving. The problem was that the weather at that time if year is unpredictible. It can be in the 80's one day and below freezing the next. The day before departing, one stretch of the road was iced over. I got down but I'll never do that again.
  5. I would also recommend the National Civil War Naval Museum in Columbus, GA. Here's the link: www.portcolumbus.org
  6. Sadly that link doesn't seem to work but I think you might be talking about what I have which is the Verizon MiFi. It's great!! I also have a regular Verizon cell phone and a Verizon home connect. The home connect is GREAT because I just put it in the basement of the motorhome and plug it into the incoming phone jack (I have a 1998 motorhome which is pre mass cell phone usage) and then I can just plug a regular house phone into the phone jacks that are installed throughout the interior of the motorhome. I use ATT trimline phones and there is one located at all the convenient locations. The nice thing is that they fit in your hand and you can HEAR everything. I love technology but there are some older things that I prefer like a regular house phone. I know that newer motorhomes are not wired with phone jacks but it's easy enough to do. The best thing about the home connect is that it can be taken from home to home with the same phone number and then you just plug it into your home telephone system. For snow birds, it is the deal.
  7. I have also found that tire quality plays a major factor. For example, fiberglass vs. all steel sidewalls. I noticed a huge difference when I replaced my tires with all steel rather than the fiberglass that were on the coach.
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