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  1. Enjoyed the laugh. Missed you guys during the last Colonial Virginians get-together.
  2. Bill, Thanks for the input. You are very knowledgable about the technology. Gary Martin
  3. We have a Model SK-3005 DirectTV Slimline TRAV’LER Automatic Multi-Satellite TV Antenna Reflector (SLSK4NRO-01) on our motor home. We have a Genie HD-DVR HR44 installed in our stick & brick home and the Direct TV Reflector is SL5S4NRS-01. Get a SWM not detected error message when I try to install on the motor home. I understand they make a Kit for converting to make the Genie work with the SK-3005. Has anyone tried to install the Genie on their motor home? What equipment do I really need? What is the best way to install. Can I use the power inserter that goes with the genie? R/Gary Martin
  4. Update: We were able to remove the u-bolts (latch catches) from inside the bay compartments and this released the doors. Removed the solenoid/actuators and replaced the door latch. The owner elected to do away the electricial solenoid/actuators and manually open and lock the doors. We appreciate the input to resolve the issue. This certainly is better that destroying the doors.
  5. Rich, He has three doors that will not open. Two on the drivers side and one on the co-pilot side. One bay does have pass through. Don't think he has any other system that does not work. We will be checking tomorrow on other options. Let you know tomorrow (dark now).
  6. We are currently camping in Cape Hatteras, NC. The couple next to us has a 2008 Monaco Camelot. The keypad controls locking/unlocking the door and storage compartments. The electricial systems is multiplex. The door will open, however three storage compartments will not unlock. How do you bypass the system to get the storage compartment doors to open. Hope he doesn't have to force the doors open (costly repair). Any suggestions.
  7. Rich, Soap and water is the trick. Thanks for the advice. Gary
  8. Rich, The main slide on the driver side topper canvas is removed. I have complete access to install the seal on both sides and on the top. The gasket is one continous length, approximately 30 feet. I can start the seal but the clips on the gasket are tight and I don't want to spread them. I was wondering if their is a special tool or trick to install. I can't post pic at this time. Gary
  9. I recently removed the slide out seal depicted above for replacement on our Monaco Knight. The seal clips had rusted and the seal would not stay in place. The seal is very difficult to install. Does anyone know of a special tool or certain method which makes installation easier? Gary
  10. TRVL42

    Onan QD 8000

    UPDATE: The coolant recovery tank was replaced due to a crack. The Tidewater Cummins Atlantic service center in Chesapeake, VA made the necessary repairs. Thanks for the replies to my request for information. They had to remove my generator from the chassis using a forklift. Hopefully my warranty coverage will cover most of the repair bill.
  11. TRVL42

    Onan QD 8000

    Rich, Thanks for the information. I will be scheduling an appointment with the local Cummins service center due to the complexity of the repair. The fluid seems to be running down the front of the front panel around the coolant filler hose and dripping on a ledge above the intake grille. The coolant filler hose has a bend in it when I put the filler hose access panel back on. It would be nice if the clamp was loose. I don't understand why they would not put the unit on a slide tray for better accessibility. Gary
  12. TRVL42

    Onan QD 8000

    We have an Onan Quiet Diesel 8000 Model 8HDKAK-1046K on our 2008 Monaco Knight which does not slide out. The generator has approximately 250 hours run time. I noticed that there was no antifreeze in the coolant recovery reservoir tank. I added a 50/50 mixture in the coolant recovery reservoir tank above the minimum fill line and over time the coolant leaks out of the tank and the fluid ends up around the cooling air inlet grille. I checked the pressure cap system fill opening and there is fluid in the system. I have read that a hose clamp could be loose or in one case a manufacturing flaw with a hairline crank in the tank. I was wondering if anyone has a detailed description and pictures on how to disassemble to inspect the hoses and tank reservoir while the unit remains in place. I understand that tank replacement cost may be between $70.00 to $200.00.
  13. Derrick, Can't want for the box of chocolates. Enjoyed the recap of the rally. Thanks Gary
  14. Derrick, Can't wait to read part two. Tell Diane that we enjoyed the movie and your company.
  15. Derrick, The first joke was great. Hope you and Diane are doing fine.
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