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  1. "The New," an article in the October 2014 issue Family Motor Coaching magazine, was about exploring The New River in West Virginia and communities along the river. Area campgrounds were listed at the end of the article. Here is an additional campground that may be of interest to travelers. We stopped at Camp Creek State Park between Beckley and Princeton. It is also a State Forest in West Virginia. They recently added a new camping area that accommodates bigger rigs with 30 and 50 amp service and water. There is a nice dump station conveniently located right on your way out. Best part is they take reservations. Excellent value and great, friendly people. Beautiful water falls and lots of hiking trails. Very serene and scenic.
  2. I believe there is also a fuse for that. At least in our motorhome there is one.
  3. My 2002 Endeavor gets plenty of juice but won't turn over. It does make a clicking noise and the dash lights up and the lights all come on. My guess is the starter or solenoid. Please reply if you've had a similar experience. The engine is the ISC 330 on a Roadmaster Chassis. I was hoping it could be a fuse but haven't found a bad one yet.
  4. We have been towing our Ford Escape recommended in the January, 2010 towable guide and recommended by our Ford dealer. It states in the owners manual that you can flat tow this vehicle. The transmission is burned up and now the dealer here in FL where we spend our winters says it wasn't a towable vehicle. A remanufactured transmission was installed and it is now clunking. The vehicle is out of warranty and Ford did offer to pay part of the cost of our remanufactured tranny. Anyone else have this problem and have suggestions on how to proceed with Ford Motor Co. While other auto companies were going bankrupt, and you all know who they were, we felt FMC was the best to go with and support. I read in another forum about people with similar problems who got "free" transmissions but I think they were all still in warranty.
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