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  1. Well dropped off the girl to the dealer to discuss the clearance on the front jacks and the steps. My guess is that I'm going to replace the steps with ones that will retract and give me about 6" off additional clearance vs. what I have now. We are also looking at ways to raise the jacks. This is the only real design flaw I've seen with my Dynamax. It seems that one of the techs at the dealer drove another 450 UL and he too scraped the bottom of the steps and jacks. The crown on my driveway is 8.5 inches and my clearance is 9.5" which is way too low for a coach this size.
  2. I love my new coach but I found one flaw that needs to be fixed..... My entry steps have about an 8-1/2 inch clearance from the ground when the coach is fully aired up. The "crown" on the entry to my driveway and I'm sure other places makes the guard around the steps scrape. It hit so hard last time out that the steps actually moved about a half inch back. I'm taking it back to the dealer on Wednesday to have them fix the stairs and try and figure out another type of guard that is connected to the chassis and independent of the factory stair guard. Another idea they had was to put a spacer on the front shocks and adjust the air shocks in the rear to give me another inch or two in height. My fear with this is it will affect the ride (which is fantastic) right now. Any ideas out there before I take it in next week? I guess I could put on a different kind of entry step but I really like the one that came with the coach. __________________
  3. I was contacted by Brad at Holland Motorhomes of Michigan asking if I would be interested in being a part of a group trying to put together an FMCA chapter for Dynamax coach owners. I told him I would. If any other Dynamax owners out there want to be a part of it please email Brad at Holland Motorhomes and ask to be put on the list. We need at least 20 people to start one up. Here is a link to the website. http://www.holland-motorhomes.com/
  4. Hey Mike........The "bourdeux" Ultra is now at Holland Motor Homes in Michigan. You should contact Brad and take her out for a test ride....mine is incredible to drive and very well built as all Dynamax products are....we love the high ceilings, the power and the quality of the coach.
  5. We need to get a group of Dynamax owners to work with the factory to get "Club Max" up and running again. While at the factory, I found they are very receptive to having some owners plan a rally and get things rolling again. This is not only good for the company but also is very helpful to the dealers. I would love to try put together a fall rally in 2011. It only takes a few of us to get it off the ground and I would be willing to bet we could get a couple of dealers, equipment reps, the factory to help in these plans.
  6. I also own a super C, 45 ft. long, 4 slides built on a columbia class 8 business chassis. (Dynamax). I think the definition "could" include those coaches built on a "business class" chassis. This would exclude the class C motorhomes built with a "van" front end. They would include all class 8 chassis's, M-1 or M2 chassis and those built on the kodiak chassis. (there may be others.) You could use the same type of restrictions as on a class A such as no more than 10 years old and a minimum length of say 30'. I have only ran into two resorts that have flat out said No....one is Riverbend in LaBelle Florida and the other is Hearthstone grove in Petosky Michigan. While in Florida this winter we stayed at a brand new signature resort in Naples and they indicated that Super C's are welcome as well as the Signature resort in Harbor Springs Michigan. Lets face it, the resorts have a right to do whatever they want. The key here is to get the manufacturers to reclassify the super C's as class A coaches. BTW, that is in the works right now! Once classified as a class A coach on the title or registration it would be very difficult if not illegal to deny your stay. The bigger question is why you would want to stay at a resort that does not want you there when there are so many resorts that DO want your money. When the finances of your resort become desperate and they are increasing fees or cutting services bring the vote up again........money talks. Jim
  7. BTW....the red and black "bourduex" model was sold to an NFL lineman. I believe it is now for sale again and could probably be bought at a very reasonable price. Last I looked it was on one of the rv sale sites..either RVT or RVtrader.com or RVsearch.com
  8. We open the motel in mid-May and close in mid October but I am still hoping my manager can handle things for a few days while we attend some close rallies. What are the dates in Goshen and Madison?
  9. Northeastern Michigan....travel about 3 months in the winter....own a small resort motel in the summer.
  10. Thanks, I've been looking at it for over a year and just sold my class A so we did it!
  11. Just purchased the new 2008 Dynamax Ultra 450UL at the factory....picking it up on Thursday.
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