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  1. Brett, Thanks for the suggestions. I am not real comfortable working with 120VAC. But reading your Instructions led me to one simple solution. I have a brand new adapter as a spare, so changed it out POW it is charging! So guess I need to replace the spare with a new spare. Thank You
  2. I just replaced all four 6V batteries because the originals died (my bad). Now, I tested all the 12v systems and only the awning would not work. I looked and the Inverter/charger was not on charge. Now I do have a 50Amp Motorhome plugged into a 30Amp thru an Adapter. The Voltage of the batteries show 12.8V in the Inverter controller. But I noticed once I start the generator the Charger goes into Bulk Charging mode and after a few minutes the awning comes out. My question, is the charger not suppose to work on Shore Power also, or is it because I am connected to a 30Amp Power Source. This would explain why leaving the Inverter on by accident would drain the batteries, even though I am connected to Electric. James King
  3. Are you planning to do the install yourself? Also, thanks for recommendation on brake system, The dealer was able to remove our AirForce One brake unit from the Envoy using the Installation Guide. Looks like all is there and not been hacked in the removal process. So will have it re-installed in the truck.. Trying to decided to ignore the Blue Ox Warning and get out the Air Tools and do the Install myself!!! -James
  4. Thanks Again Everyone.. Well tonight we left the Envoy at the dealer, and brought home a 2008 GMC Sierra with 9,000 Miles. Talked to Blue Ox and well they recommended a professional install the Base Plates. But the Instructions looked to be an easy installation. A little nervous, so may end up having a dealer do it! Thanks Again !!! -James
  5. Thanks Everyone, I show the GCWR at 42,000 and the GVWR at 32,000.. So, I should have up to 10,000 in Capacity correct? And the Hitch has been confirmed to be a 10,000 capacity.. -James
  6. Hello, New Member of FMCA Here. Got a question for the experts! I currently have a 2010 Damon Tuscany with a 360Hp Cummins, and pull a 2006 GMC Envoy (4,394#). The wife and I are considering a 2010 Chevy 1500 LT Extended Cab 4x4 (5,509#). Our Motorhome Hitch & Blue Ox Towbar is Rated for 10,000 Pounds. We would have the Air Force One transfered from the Envoy to the Truck. Everything, looks to be an easy transfer, but wanted to see if there is something that we are missing. And maybe should consider a deal stopper? I realize the coach will consume alot more fuel when towing the truck!!! -James
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