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  1. Hi Brett, Frank Many thanks for the welcome. Thanks for the ideas and the info, I have been digging and sadly this is correct in model year 2006 onwards the neutral option in the transfer case has been removed quite literally making it an all wheel drive not a four wheel drive – in my mind that is a retrograde step, but I guess it’s a cost reduction move. There is now a new idea brewing, build my own, well sort of! I.e. get a 2005 model with good running gear if the engine is tired install the new type diesel TDV8, re-paint etc, not a new one but maybe the only way to go to get want we want that is still towable. Many thanks Steve
  2. We live in the UK; we own a Monaco and tow our current 2000 model year Range Rover all wheels down when out and about. We were about to change to a 2006/2007 model year Range Rover and have been told that we can’t tow it. More over the Land Rover have said we can’t tow any of their Range Rovers after 2005 Model Year. Has anyone any experience of this, is there a way around it? All ideas, and or help greatly received. Kind regards Steve & Sue
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