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  1. I plan buying the Garmin 560LTM very shortly. Seems it is not in stock at a store, so plan to order thru Walmart site to store. They have it for 339.00, and delivery to closest WMT is 7 to 10 days. Anyone with a better idea, either to purchase, or on the unit itself? Thanks
  2. Clay, Thanks for the quick reply. I had checked that the outside shower valves were both closed. Sounds like I need to find the two check valves, take out, check and clean if needed. Thinking now about the valves, I will turn on shower, then lightly tap the valves, just on possibility of breaking some trash loose. Then proceed to the disassembly procedure. Thanks very much again. Glenn
  3. I have 2008 Winnebago Tour. New condition. Water from water heater is just warm in shower. Seems a little hotter in bathroom sink and kitchen sink. Water heater heats to 130 deg, have checked at heater with thermometer. I have checked and cleaned contacts on board in front of water heater. I understand some of these heater models (Atwood GHC 10A-4E) have a mixing valve. If mine does, I can't find it. I have looked on each side, top, and back of heater, and the plumbing diagram at Winnebago site shows none. We are in Florida now and OK, but winter is coming. Mama is very concerned. Which means I am concerned also. Help....
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