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  1. If we are lucky and this cleanout works...you can bet we will run that generator the first of each month winter and summer! We use the generator in the winter to power things in the house during power outages. It is just that this year we only had 2 outages so it didn't get its usual work out. Thanks for the info on running fuel out the generator if we aren't needing the RV for a few months. Appreciate your help. Judy
  2. Further update: Went out to check solenoid. Noticed that bowl of carburetor looked a bit different. Took the bowl off. It was FILLED with gel. Cleaned the gel out. Put back together. Started 'er up. Bingo! Purrs just like it used to! Yea! Will see if our good luck continues.
  3. Thanks to all of you for your help. We took the suggestion to call Onan. Diagnosis: Varnished carburetor or gummed up shut-off solenoid. Parts about $150 and labor should be about 1 hour. Too hard to do it myself so have to take it somewhere. Thanks again
  4. Our Onan Micro 4000 gas generator starts fine but won't continue to run. I have changed oil, spark plugs, given carburetor a several shots of carb cleaner. I am getting good fuel flow beyond the fuel filter to the carburetor, so it isn't the fuel filter. Now I'm stumped. Help?
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