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  1. We have the Splendide 210XC model. Any suggestions on ways to avoid wrinkles in the drying cycle? We do love the convenience of having our own in-house "laundromat." Thanks. Carol
  2. I had the first recall done on my 2007 Bounder - and didn't even get out of the service area. The recall device they installed was defective. The replacement device has been working fine for several months.
  3. I've had a 2007 Bounder E35 since July, 2006, with chronic water leaks in the living-room slide out. After NINE separate service/repair orders across the country (we're full-timers), the problem was finally assessed and resolved at Lazydays in Seffner, FL. The first eight dealers worked on patching only parts of the slide-out; the final solution was to replace ALL rubber gaskets along the sides as well as all around the slide-out itself. Re-aligning the slide-out also helped to plumb the area. My caution: don't settle for partial fixes (I learned the expensive way). Have all the gaskets replaced. In addition, Fleetwood now produces an add-on part that's similar to a draft/water edger at the bottom of an outside door on a house (some of you might now the actual name). The this part sweeps the water away from the slide-out when you retract the S/O.
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