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  1. If you are looking or know of someone looking for a lovely community in North Carolina that builds RV pad for RV next to your house. We have our 2012 RV right next to our house. We are thrilled to have it so close to us. If interested, you can go to Wheatfieldnc.com. The Wheatfield Community is located in Statesville, North Carolina. Looking forward to RV neighbors. I am not a realtor, just a very happy new member of this community. Georgeann
  2. We purchased a 2011 Tiffin Red RV this Spring. We are now looking to purchase a towed vehicle to pull behind our RV. However, most messages we have viewed have spoken of transmission and oil problems and other difficulties. Can you please let us know, which vehicle would be the easiest manageability and driveability? We are quite intimidated by what we have read, but still need a reliable tow car. Thank you for your help. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 9/4/11 A NOTE FROM THE MODERATOR: GM/CHEVROLET HAS DEEMED THE CRUZE AND SOME MALIBU MODELS WITH AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION NOT, REPEAT NOT TOWABLE FOUR WHEELS DOWN. SEE THESE TWO TOPICS: http://community.fmca.com/topic/2957-towing-2012-cruze-4-wheel-down/ http://community.fmca.com/topic/3069-2012-chev-cruze-and-malibu-6-sp-auto-not-dingy-towable/ Brett Wolfe Moderator
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