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  1. We're very new to RVing. We bought a 2004 Tiffin Phaeton 40RH with a 330 Caterpillar engine. Didn't have a suitable dinghy, so a few weeks ago we bought a 2011 Honda CR-V. We just had the BlueOx and AirForce One systems installed. (Now we're broke!) On the drive home, towing the CRV for the first time, I could feel the added drag on coach. Is this normal? Upon arrival I immediately checked the CR-V rims for heat (brake drag) and tested the transmission. All appeared normal. I'm concerned about this. Any comments/experiences welcomed, as we're leaving next week on a trip. Thanks, Jay
  2. Went out to work on the coach. Started the genset and then turned on the front AC. Went to start the rear and noticed that the thermostat had no display reading (temp). Checked the AC breaker, it was OK. Moved the fan mode switch from auto to on and the fan came on so the unit has AC power. Removed the Thermostat cover and removed and checked the fuse. It was OK. Replaced the fuse and the display came on. Temperature out was 89 degrees. Set the thermostat to 78 and waited. After about 15 minutes still hadn't started. Coach is a 2004 Tiffin Phaeton 40RH. The AC units are Coleman Mach's, 15000BTU. Any idea what I can try next?
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