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  1. I finally went to Veurink's RV in Grand Rapids, Michigan and had the carpet replaced. I went to Lowe's where I live here in Iowa and found a Smart Strand carpet style, pattern and color that I like and then ordered it through a Lowes in Grand Rapids. It came in to them in 4 days. I made an appointment with Veruink's for the next week. All in all, it took about 2 1/2 days to complete although I had a few other things done also. I was extremely pleased with the carpet, the installation and with the service Veurink's provided while I was there. They said they replaced motorhome and travel trailer carpet on a unit about once a weeks. I think the technicians who did mine were Brad and Jim though I'm not certain of the names. They were good and knew what they were doing. I was also happy Veurinks were a motorhome dealer and knew how to remove furniture, the bed, handle the slides, etc which the local carpet dealers and installers did not. And the price for the installation was about 2/3 what anyone else quoted me. So, I guess you can tell I was very happy with the entire experience. Fact is, after I made the decision to go with it and them, it was almost a vacation in itself. The only problem is, they are about 6 hours from me. Otherwise, I'd use them for all my maintenance needs and problems.
  2. Thank you and everyone for the offers and suggestions. Hopefully, I will have a new floor in before August Earnie.
  3. I'm sure there are many good solutions nowadays when carpet is replaced. And my guess is there are good installers. My question though was does anyone know of any good installers experienced with RV flooring near my part of the country, i.e. Eastern Iowa? I see ads for interior renovation including flooring, etc in the FMCA journal but most of those are located a long way from here. Considering that it will be necessary to pick out what you like, obtain cost estimates, order the products, and then have it installed, quite a bit of time will be involved I assume it would be necessary to leave the RV or make several trips back and forth. So I'd like to find someone close by to have all this done. Again, any ideas on good installers around here?
  4. I live in the eastern part of Iowa. I purchased a 2004 Holiday Rambler which is in very good shape except for the carpeting which is stained or bleached or faded or a combination of everything. I've had it cleaned twice with no improvement so I'd like to replace the carpet with vinyl plank type of flooring and new carpeting in the bedroom, etc. The local RV dealer here said to go a particular flooring retailer, that they had done it for them before. I did that and the bid on the flooring was outrageous. Perhaps it would be better to go to someone who specialized in RV carpet/flooring replacement. But I don't know of any in this area. Would anyone have some suggestions for someone in this part of the world that might have some expertise in replacing motorhome flooring? Thanks for your help.
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