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  1. The automatic headlights come on if light level too low. Unable to defeat that function, battery drains even though all fuses listed are pulled. Reinsert the 50 amp fuse and lights go off, pull and they come back on if not in direct sunlight. Even shadow to MH causes them to come on. Forget night tow. Dealer has no solution. Help
  2. What is the date for GB meeting at Gillette? Trying to plan arrival day for our caravan which includes a GB rep.
  3. I began actively promoting the Gillette Family reunion because of the prospect of electric (1,700 permanent on site RV park, recent FMCA attendance has been under 2,000 at Family Reunions, thus plenty of electric is available especially considering this is Wyoming). I many members more interested because of the electric and being site permanent the cost would be more reasonable than when FMCA has to contract to outside vendor for temporary electric setup. Was I ever wrong when the registration was published and we found that the electric was going to cost $170 for 30 amp and $215 for 50 amp. This is the same charge when there is no on site electric and a outside contractor is brought in for temporary set up. Total rally registration for a member coach comes to $335 for 30 amp and $380 for 50 amp vs $165 if you dry camp and use generator. Last year the NEWMAR Kountry Club held a rally at Gillette and although I do not recall the exact cost it was somewhere around $380 with full hookup and included most breakfast and dinner meals over 4 days. So what is the deal here? What is FMCA rational/justification for setting this charge so high? At the Western Area Rally in Indio the charge this year is $60, and includes outside contractor to setup outlets to existing electric as well as mobile generators. I believe if the electric charge at Gillette was more reasonable ($80) many more might attend. As it is I will run my generator (if we do not change our minds about attending because of the exorbident electric charge, $40+ per day) at much less cost. I also believe that at this cost we can no longer get the large group from lour chapter to attend that we earlier had projected, and certainly not do any volunteering. Any others have thoughts on this?
  4. I wonder if the FMCA magazine editor for the product section gets this communication? How might we communicate with the magazine editor?
  5. The June 2012 edition of Family Motor Coaching magazine, page.34, lists a product for Slideout Support. I seem to remember years ago advice not to use supports because if anything supporting the coach failed the jack would cause the slideout to push up thru the coach or the jack would go into the slideout. In any case severe damage could occur. This seems to also apply to towables. What is the current thinking and should FMCA put a disclaimer on this product?
  6. GAWR's are: Front-14,600; Drive-20,000; Tag-10,000. App. UVW 31,500. It appears the tires are sized for the Front (Steer) axle load and kept consistent size all around. The loads are well within limits for Drive and Tag axles and design with four slides and center tanks (except propane), refrigerator opposite side from kitchen, my guess is it is fairly balance. the only concern might be heavier on one side of the Front axle, but there seems to be adequate margin there and I am running with 110 psi in the front to allow for that. Thanks too all for the info. I emailed Michelin several days ago but have not heard back from them. Note of interest, this is a 2012 Newmar Dutch Star model 4020. Tire sizes are as specified on vehicle placard.
  7. My axle weights at Certified CAT scale are: Steer axle 13140 lb, Drive axle 14160 lb, Tag axle 8540 lb, I have not been able so far to get individual weights. Tire size is 305/7022.5 LRL ARV all around. The Steer axle is on the Michelin chart, 6570/ tire= (95-100 psi) and I am using 105 as safety factor until individual weight can be done. But the chart for the tag (8540/2=4270) is below the Michelin chart which starts at 5375 lb, @ 75 psi. The chart for the Drive axle dual (13140/2=6570) is below the Michelin chart which starts at 9530 lb @ 75 psi. What is the recommended inflation psi for these tires?
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