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  1. If I might add to all of the previous comments concerning tires and balancing........... To the point that the dealer stated that if you use Michelins you should increase by two load ranges, this is an untrue statement, Michelin designs their tires with a softer side wall to provide the best ride possible so what do we do when we make something softer e.g. a mattress we use better products in the assembly for comfort and durability it may cost more at the end of the day but is a superior product. In my professional opinion as a Tire Man, you should consider the Michelin XZE this tire is designed with trademark technology called a "beefy boisterous sidewall for the best durability. Visit www.michelinrvtires.com to learn more. To the balancing point, I am and always have been a firm believer in only putting in what goes in, you would not want to put acid in your swimming pool, as it is not designed to hold it, so with a tire the tire is only designed to hold AIR and in my opinion (and it is only that) you should not put foreign objects in your tires e.g. balance beads, equal, golf balls etc. In addition, It is always important to have the dealer check the RADIAL RUNOUT of the tire. This measurement determines the overall "ROUNDNESS" of the mounted assembly, the tolerances are measured in thousandths of an inch and acceptable measurements range from 0.000 to 0.060 I have measured the run out of hundreds of new Michelin Tires and have never experienced a run out of more than 0.040 in a properly mounted assembly. So in my opinion there should be more considered regarding balancing than throwing a bag of dust in your brand new very expensive investment. I hope my two cents worth helps someone. Most Respectfully, Tony Lacey
  2. I would go with the Michelin XZE this is the right tire for you as it is the most versitale and longest lasting in this size.

  3. Dear Friends, I have Left Turbo Truck Center effective today, I have new contact information and will be here to help you at need. Please contact me via email @ davidlacey82@gmail.com or on my new cell # @ 770-540-4756. Please let me know if you need ANYTHING! Tony Lacey
  4. Good Morning, Sorry for the delay, The price for the 295/80R22.5 MSPN (76807) is $602.39 Each plus Federal Excise Tax of $40.92 each. As for total out the door it depends on the servicing dealer as most of the service is (PQL) price quoted locally. I hope that this helps. If you need further assistance please let me know. Respectfully, Tony Lacey
  5. Wayne, I will look into the tax issue. It sounds to me like Oklahoma may not have local and state taxes. The way that the program is currently set up, the tax rate is that of the Bill To/Ship To, which is Cincinnati Ohio. I do have to option to set up multiple Ship To locations, which would change the tax rate based on where the transaction originates. I will research this and follow up. This could be the missing piece of the program that could increase the savings all the more, especially in a situation such as yours, Thank You for the information. And FYI: In order for me to set up additional Ship To locations, I will need a local chapter that is registered with the secretary of state (I can set one up for each state if need be) and operates as a compliant chapter of FMCA.
  6. I am pleased to report that as of 08/12/2011 FMCA Members have purchased over 125 tires totaling 60 plus thousand dollars using the FMCA Advantage program! With more than 30 transactions since the launch of the program in mid July members have saved in excess of $48,000.00 off Suggested Fleet Pricing. Thank You FMCA and Members, YOU will be the sucess of this program!
  7. Bob, I am very sorry that I did not respond to your email from earlier today, our company is expanding and we have had lots of problems with email in the last couple of weeks, so I just got your email and your post at the same time. I trust that your experience was great and if you have any problems with the way that you were billed please let me know. Tony
  8. It has been brought to my attention that i did not give a good example of Federal Excise Tax, so if you need to know more please let me know.
  9. The program discount is based off of and on factor, the on factor is based off of suggested fleet price so......... the on factor is .56 or 56% of suggested fleet for example if the suggested fleet price is $1000.00 then the price of the tire is $560.00 now, in addition to the price of the tire there will always be Uncle Sam's portion which is what we call Federal Excise Tax this is a tax that is applied to the "manufacturing" etc determined by the amount of material that is in the finished product and an estimation of how the product will affect the environment it is used in (i.e.) interstate highways etc. some federal government algorithm so this cost must be factored in. As far as the right tire for you, if you will notice my last posting, I would recommend the XZA3+ and the pricing is listed, please let me know if you need further assistance Tony Lacey
  10. If the dealer processes National Accounts , it would not be in their best interest to not honor the program. I am having trouble wrapping my head around that. And for them to offer you other programs does not make sense to me. You as a member have your own program and if you choose to purchase using that program it is your decision. The tire that you will want to go with is the ALL NEW Michelin XZA3+ Evertread -- this is the new generation and is guaranteed to run 30% longer than its predecessor. The price for this tire is $478.25 plus Federal Excise Tax of $25.23 per tire. They are 14-ply MSPN 26413. Please let me know if you require further assistance. Tony
  11. If you don't mind me asking, what did you pay?
  12. Scott, I am not sure if they will have the tire or not. Call ahead to check availability. They should know National Accounts even if they do not know this program (that is what the program is). If you only want to balance your steers, that is okay. However, 9.5 of 10 times when I sell coach tires we balance all for the best result. Please see the attached quote and if you need further assistance please let me know! FMCA QUOTE SHEETSCOTTWISE.pdf
  13. Harry, You will need to check with the Coach Manufacturer, I can provide the dimensions of each; however, I do not know what your clearence tolerences are.
  14. Tony, thanks for all the help and information you are providing. I need to ask if the Michelin Advantage tire discount program is available should I choose to have Freightliner in Gaffney SC do the install. I have an appointment to have this done in mid Nov. Nearest dealer is Snider Tire whom I would have deliver the tires to the Freightliner Training Center in Gaffney. Please quote me six 255/80R 22.5 XRV tires. Thanks Dave B. Dave, This is at your descresion, I would say let Snider do the install as they are Very Close business partners of mine, however you can choose. Let me know if you need further assistance! Tony Lacey FMCA QUOTE SHEETdaveb.pdf
  15. Hi Tony; I need 6 Michelin XZE2 - 275/70R22.5 The price I was quoted was $590.00 each. What would be the price per tire with the FMCA discount?? Thanks. Please see the attached quote, the XZE2 is not manufactured in 275/70R22.5 so i quoted the XZA2 Energy. If you have any questions please let me know! FMCA QUOTE SHEETcreekerca.pdf
  16. To All, I am Very Excited to see that there is so much interest building in the program. I am also excited to begin to hear your testimonials of how the program worked for you and the amount of money that you were able to save! I am sending this note out to let you all know that due to the overwhelming response, I am finding it a bit difficult to keep up with forum replies and even some emails. All of that being said, if I have missed you or if you feel like I have forgotten to get back to you, please email me at TONYL@gottc.com. That way, I can ensure that I take care of you expediently and properly. I would love to have all of this information on the forum, so if we communicate via email, and you feel that the information exchanged may be pertinent to others, please copy and paste those conversations. I will continue to answer as many forum posts as possible; however, I just don't want to miss anyone. So again, please email if I have missed you! Respectfully! Tony Lacey
  17. If Beale Tire is a Michelin Dealer and can process National Account DRs, then there should not be a problem getting this resolved. Often, the Manager or the Office personnel have access to this and others may not. Simply call them up let them know the situation, give them the ship to number and they should credit you back from your original purchase. If they are a dealer they must honor the program. If you have any problems please let me know. Basically you are asking them to do a credit and re-bill from local books to national account. I hope that this answers your question, as I am speculating that you were not able to use the program. Respectfully, Tony Lacey
  18. Email me at tonyl@gottc.com and I will email you the price book. Respectfully, Tony Lacey
  19. Yes, the Price will be the same for the tire no matter where in the U.S. that you decide to purchase. The discount is based off of an on factor, which is .56 or 56% off Suggested Retail Pricing. Respectfully, Tony Lacey
  20. You will want to use the XZA2 Energy and you should be pleased with this upgrade. The MSPN for this tire is 90059 the tire is $467.82 each, plus $32.51 Federal Excise tax per tire! Good Luck. let us know how it goes! Respectfully, Tony Lacey
  21. Bill, Information is power and I totally agree with your statements and after all, no one knows your coach the way you do. I am ashamed to say this, but back in January the tires would have been dramatically less expensive ... to the tune of 50 to 60 dollars PER just for the tire. We have suffered drastic price increase in the last six months that have been driven by raw material pricing including steel, carbon black and natural rubber (which, by the way, Michelin uses more natural rubber in their tires than any other manufacturer -- this is what provides the exceptional wear and durability). But please check the post tomorrow as I will be giving you information about 1800 TIRE 911 part of the benefit you are entitled to as an FMCA member through this program. Let's just say you will Never get taken advantage of on the side of the road again. This is the part that really excites me because I take great pride in helping provide an avenue to protect you the member from malicious overcharges by a roadside service vulture!!
  22. This Program is MUCH more than just tire pricing, I will detail tomorrow.
  23. Actually, You do not have to change your wheels .... Either tire is approved for 8.25" or 9.00" fitment. As for the pricing, I tend to think that is is a pretty good deal when you can purchase the tire cheaper or equal to what the dealer pays Michelin, but just my opinion. Nevertheless, the program is in place for all who wish to use it!
  24. MSPN (87511) 235/80R22.5 XRV $357.10 PER TIRE PLUS $16.07 F.E.T PER TIRE PLUS MOUNT BALANCE ETC
  25. Thanks Bill, MSPN (85335) 12R22.5 Michelin XZE $609.84 Per Tire Plus $36.76 F.E.T all other pricing would be the same except for sales tax. The 12R is not a very common tire anymore I would suggest changing the size to 315/80R22.5 in the XZA2 Energy MSPN (76184) this tire is a fuel efficient compound and virtually the same height but an inch wider, giving you more stabilization by increasing your foot print. Secondly the 315/80R22.5 is a very common tire and should be readily available in the occurrence of a tire failure on the road. Lastly the tire is more cost effective at $553.00 per tire with $52.83 F.E.T a saving of $40.77 per tire, $326.16 overall, and there will be value for the carcass at the end of your use, this is not the case with the 12R22.5. Total Price for the 12R22.5 XZE Package would be $6061.21 Total Price for the 315/80R22.5 XZA2 Energy Package would be $5702.98 ($351.23 Savings) By going with the 315/80R22.5
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