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  1. I've had one. Unfortunetly, they only cover things that are not breaking down. So it was useless.
  2. Thanks for the replies. I understand about the battery cut-off and we will stock up. In my coach the switch is by the door and gets hit accidently. This causes us to have to replace it. 3 times in the last 7 years. Thanks, didn't think about that one.
  3. There are Rvs that have a BBQ that attaches to your propane and slides out (only problem the smoke goes right in the windows and sets off the fire detector) The one I owned was an Alegro Bay. Now I have a Monaco and I love the gas BBQ I bought with legs that detach. It attaches to a small propane bottle and is easy to store underneath. Purchased at camping world about 7 years ago. They may still have them. About $120.00. when I bought it.
  4. I would take wine over water any day. That being said, I have never worried about contaminated water. I have always used the Rv enough that we are constantly filling the tanks. Only problem, I forgot I filled them in Mexico and that was not a pleasent experience. However, it got me out of driving on the last leg of the journey.
  5. How do I get a schematic for my 2000 Windsor? I have a guy to fix the problem - we have a short that is not allowing the batteries to give power to the generator - not the first time I've had electrical issues with this coach. My guy called Monaco which is when I found out no one is answering the phone and they had laid everyone off. Any ideas? Going to Moab in the summer and AC would be nice. Thanks for any replies.
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