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  1. I prefer Pilot/Flying J, simply because almost all Flying J and some of the Pilot stations have RV lanes that are convenient for in-out. You don't have to wait behind a line of trucks, or compete with passenger cars. We have a Flying J Frequent Fueler card, and use our Visa card for all out fuel. We get, I think, a 3 cent per gallon discount. If you have the Good Sam or Pilot/Flying J Visa or whatever it is, you get a larger discount, but it is used as a debit card, so be sure you have money in the bank while you are traveling. Love's are good, but frequently the truck lanes are backed up, and the car lanes are not easy to get in and out of.
  2. Simpler answer, although it does require counter space: Mr Coffee 12-cup coffeemaker (we drink a LOT of coffee). For each "4 cups" of water, one 1-1/2 Tbsp scoop of Community Dark Roast coffee. level to slightly rounded. When that pot is empty, repeat the process using Community Café Blend decaffeinated coffee. You will not find a better cup, anywhere. Community Coffee, in several varieties, is available at their website store.
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