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  1. Talk with " Bama", Tracy Elliott 256-627-6947 Never met a more low keyed sales person in my life. Tell him Chuck sent you.
  2. When adding TPMS TST 507 Flow Thru's will this affect the balance of the tire and what if you need to add a valve extension to the outside dual?
  3. Would like some feed back on brand of House Batteries. We currently have Trojan 6V in our 2008 National Tropical. Not really having any problems but these are the original one and we need to replace.
  4. Do you know what color code the ground is; the MH has several extra wires than the fiver we had
  5. Thanks Wolfe, passenger side tail lite always dim and has been for long time, back up lite is intermittent. Our Tropical is a 2008 model on a Freightliner chassis
  6. Need wiring diagram for National Tropical.
  7. Can anyone give me a remedy for removing excess water buildup on slide out even though it has a topper? In the blowing rain water will gather and when the slide is brought in there is where we have the problem.
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