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  1. Thanks for info, will check out both.
  2. Looking to upgrade old b&w voyager backup camera to color backup with side cameras, also looking for digital monitor with gps and Bluetooth capabilities for Sirius radio. Seems like I’m asking for a lot, but I can’t be the only one. Please share brands and any changes you’ve made. Want to hard wire system.
  3. smoltzie

    Needing New Tires

    Interesting, tires were new & inflated to spec. Michelin dealer called it zippering & Michelin ok’d replacement of two tires. Still interested in recommendations for good riding tires.
  4. smoltzie

    Needing New Tires

    Good thought, will research original tire size for RV. 2004 Damon Ultrasport 40ft, 3126 CAT. Will check into Salilun.
  5. smoltzie

    Needing New Tires

    Thanks for the link. Having an existing problem when pulling long hill that RV does not down shift until nearly at top of hill, thinking of going down to 275/70R.22.5 will improve that. Have plenty of top end to sacrifice if needed.
  6. smoltzie

    Needing New Tires

    Needing new tires & thinking of using the FMCA Discount Tire Program. Have a 40 ft class A diesel pusher. It had Michelin’s on it when I bought it & they have not served us well (two blow outs, Michelin called it “zippering”) . Have 275/80R22.5 tires now. Thinking of changing to 275/70R22.5. Looking for a better ride but with the traction, good handling in the rain etc. What tires have y’all bought with or without the program? Any info appreciated.
  7. Disconnect did not work and found the trans fuses. They are good. Wanting to put power to trans wires in harness connected to trans shift display with push buttons for D/N etc. anyone know if safe to test with 12 v power?
  8. OK, thanks for the response. Info as follows: Class A, diesel pusher, 3126 CAT, 3000 Allison Trans. Coach is 2004 but engine etc mfg in ‘03. Drove 100 miles with no problems. Shifting fine & all lights operational. Stopped pushed in N & put air brake on. Came out to put in reverse and had none. Drive only, and no lights on trans display. Only light on is red led on mode button ? Indicating in economy mode. then mayb biggest mistake I made was to shut the engine. Now won’t start. I am figuring it didn’t go into N and stayed in drive. Looked under trans display box with no fuses found.
  9. Searching for location of tranny shift fuse. Have 2004 Damon ultra sport. Called freightliner and they say by or near starting/house batteries but not there. Lights out on shift panel, still reading in gear so RV won’t start. Help!!
  10. We will definitely look into these places. Right now our route from Carlsbad Caverns to southern Utah is still somewhat flexible. Thanks for the tips!!
  11. Thank you so much for your reply. I have read so many travel brochures but nothing takes the place of hearing of the experience of others. We will be making a stop in Moab. Great tips on Lake Powell and the 4 wheelers!!!!! Dottie S Georgia
  12. We plan on leaving Georgia in late May and traveling to the National Parks in southern Utah and then go north to Yellowstone & Glacier National Parks, then back to Georgia. I have been in touch with the tourism bureaus for those states and for the parks. This will be the farthest and longest trip we have taken to date. We learn something new from fellow campers where ever we go and I know that many of you have made this trip before and would GREATLY appreciate any info you may have to offer. Please let me know your favorites and not so favorite spots/stops. Also any info on the highways and roads to parks would be a blessing. We are traveling in a 40 ft Class A.
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