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  1. Here is my story. I had been a long time dial up customer. In 2002 AT&T took over my internet account. Since then they have been charging my credit card $15.95/mo. for their service. Well, in 2006 we sold our home and went on the rode full-time. We used only the local campground wifi systems and libraries, Mcdonalds etc. Last month, July 2011 I read on the internet that when you use wifi to connect to the internet you don't need to pay for it. I contacted AT&T. The phone number on my credit card was my only contact. They didn't know who I was and that they could not locate my account. I got the BBB involved and they were able to get me a phone number and someone contacted me. They said that they checked their records over the past year and found that I was not using the dial up service. They also said that because I did not cancel my service that they can not give me credit for all those years. What they said they would do is give me credit for 6 months back to March 2011 when their policy changed whereby when you cancel you can keep your email address. So I was basically paying to using the email address that I would of cancelled had I known about that. Out of $1,000 they charged me for, they are giving me back $96.00?? I am furious to say the least. Can anyone out there help me get the rest of my money?? Anita Golfis
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