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  1. Purchased & had installed a NA8LXR refrigerator 2/3/2021. Summer 2021 did 3-day trial run. Went to AZ Nov 2021 to March 2022. Noticed the temperatures were warmer than was safe. Purchased a second thermometer to check readings were correct. Readings were the same for both thermometers. Starting March 3 2022, I recorded time & temperatures continuing to record thru 7/6/2022. I have 4 months of daily + recordings. For the first week recording temperatures ranged from 39 to 50 degrees running in mode 9(this is the coolest sitting) Food was discarded at that point. No appointments were available to have refrig ck out in AZ. Took RV to Laurelhurst when to returned home. The problem with gas mode going off after only 1 hr. was fixed. They ran refrigerator in diagnostic mode for 4-5 hours. Told us to take it home & run diagnosis mode & see what happens. Diagnostic mode allows the temperature to be seen with door closed. They also said to get a true reading use a thermometer setting in glass of water in refrigerator. So, we did the following, Had 3 thermometers regular, digital allowing you to see temperature without opening door and one thermometer in water July 7 returned to Laurelhurst. They put the refrigerator on by pass (removed the thermistor) The cooling unit was not working. So, they put in a request for repair. Talked to ED a couple weeks later and Norcold still had not responded. Norcold wanted more information which Luarelhurst said they gave them. Called Laurelhurst Aug 3 Norcold still had not approve the repair. That was 30 days after the problem was diagnosed. Was unable to use refrigerator mid Aug for week outing. Aug 4 I called Norcold and was on the line for 3+hours finally Norcold said they would ship the part(cooling unit) on Aug 9th. Aug 22 we had the part put in. It seemed to be working. Aug 23 The refrig was not working on electric, not cooling at all. But was working on gas. Another 2-3 weeks for Laurelhurst trying to Norcold to replace part( cooling unit) because they could not fix it. Sept 14 Norcold approved another new cooling Unit. Sept 25 we had the new cooling unit installed. Started refrigerator on gas. Cooled down nicely. Put few items into refrigerator after cooled down. Set temperature on 5. Use RV for about a week temperature stayed in the safe range. After having cooling unit replace twice it seems to be working. Luckily, I purchased an extended warranty from Norcold or we would have had to pay for it out of pocket even thou it was not working correctly from the time we purchased it. I decide that I wanted to extend the warranty from 2 year to 4 years after all the trouble we had. Talked to Norcold they no longer offer extended warranty. I WOULD NEVER PURCHASE ANOTHER REFRIG FROM THEM. HOPEFULLY THIS UNIT WILL LAST UNTIL WE ARE NO LONGER RVING.
  2. Thanks for responding. I never even thought about how the information could be used. I sent an email to Encore asking them what their policy was on the information collected. Please continue to let me know your experiences. There are also other issues, but before I send Encore a letter addressing them I want to hear how many RV parks require this information. Thanks for all your help. I will up date you on what is happening. Victoria
  3. Has anyone had RV parks require a copy of driver license , proof of insurance and vehicle registration your rv and tow vehicle? This is the third or fourth year we have stayed at Encore/ Thousand trail park Casita Verde RV Resort in Casa Grande AZ. Last year the park took a copy of our driver license. This year they required a copy of our drivers license, proof of insurance and vehicle registration for both our RV and tow vehicle. I don't remember a RV park requiring or taking copies of those things. Our stay this year is for 2 months. Has anyone ever been require to show and have their drivers license, proof of insurance and vehicle registration copied at any RV Park? According to the manager this is an Encore Corp requirement. Has anyone been to other Encore / Thousand Trail parks that have require copies drivers license, insurance and registration? If so what parks and was it this year or past years? I plan on writing to corp and would like this information before I sent my letter. We have made friends and like the park but I don't think we will be coming back because of the policy and management style of new manager. If taking copies of driver license, proof of insurance, and registration is not the norm for the industry, please let other RVers know what Encore / Thousand Trails is doing. Only by taking a stand and letting Encore know that what they are doing is wrong and not stopping at their parks will they change the policy.
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