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  1. Your pictures are magnificent of the beauty God created for all of us to enjoy.
  2. We had the same problem with our 2009 Monaco Camelot, 425ISL. My husband noticed that the antifreeze was low so he put more in. We called Cummins and they also said we would have to bring it in. Because it was still under warranty we made the trip to the nearest Cummins dealer. They said there was nothing wrong with the generator other than it needed more coolant. Because they found nothing wrong with the generator it was not covered under warranty but they had the nerve to charge us $400.00 to check it out!
  3. Thank you all, we finally got the motorhome in for service since we couldn't find the fuse for the carbon monoxide detector. It took the dealer 2 hours to find the fuse, the fuse cost 67 cents and the labor cost 198.00! AND the furse for the carbon monoxide and the fuse for the toilet were one and the same. Hopefully we won't have any more problems with our toilet Thanks again to all of you. Karen
  4. Thanks Tom, We did get your message this morning. We will look at our panel box this afternoon. Karen
  5. Can anyone help us with our Tecma Thetford toilet? The other day I put a deodorizer tablet down the electric toilet. I flushed, and shortly after that the power to the toilet went off. Is there a switch or fuse that we should be looking for? Thetford says to take it in to an RV dealer and did not give us any advice. Thanks. Karen and Richard Further to this ... we slept out in the motorhome last night and found that the light on the carbon monoxide detector isn't working, so we are convinced it is a fuse. Now, just to find it.
  6. There was an incident at Tunnel Mountain in Banff,Alberta two years ago where a couple from Texas had a slide out BBQ. They had their dinner and decided to go in to Banff. They slid their BBQ back under & while they were in Banff their motorhome caught on fire. They lost everything. They obviously put it away while it was still hot....On a happier note we have a Coleman roadtrip LXE grill with attached stand. It folds down for easy storage.Costs about $199.00. My husband likes it better than the natural gas BBQ we have at home.
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