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  1. Hello FMCA boards! We are presently living in Nebraska plan on retiring soon... less than 6 mos away. We purchased our RV contingent to inspection next week. It is a Holiday Rambler that has went through major updating. We will be full timers with 3 well loved dogs. The Mr enjoys scuba diving and triathalons and the Mrs. enjoys baking, goats and chicken,and sewing. Did see one of the moderators lobster hunts and am thinking we maybe need to learn this skill or make friends with a lobster hunter. Makes my mouth water just thinking about them. We will soon be having a household auction as we have made the decision to rid ourselves of everything unnecessary for RV full timing. It looks that is going to be about 98% of what we own. We both are not stressed about most of this. The most difficult thing is the large tote boxes of family pictures. I know I can scan them and save them but I love the tactile benefits of actual prints. if I do scan the images it will take a couple months I am certain. Then what... I do not think we will search data files like we sort through a pile of images to take a stroll down memory lane. The pictures are actually my battle right now, the Mr. has no problem with tossing them. Is there a company that can take all my images and put them on ONE big blanket for me?
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