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  1. Please get back to us and let us know what you find out. I have looked into buying a GM car for the simple reason that all the brochures I have looked at state that the car can be flat towed. Does that apply only if the car has the five speed automatic? I wouldn't think that it would be necessary to wait a year to see what the towing history is going to be, as a poster above has stated. If GM says that it can be flat towed, then it should have been designed for that purpose as well as for being driven.
  2. You asked for suggestions on activities when you get there. I cannot suggest anything other than what will present itself, but when you leave there, I can suggest an activity that my wife and I enjoyed almost as much as the tour of the Grand Canyon itself, and that was the drive Hwy 64 along the road that goes east toward Cameron. The canyon goes for several miles through Indian reservations, and some of the scenery is as beautiful as you will see at the canyon itself. There are many places to walk right up to the edge, and no crowds to contend with.
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