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  1. I hope someone can help me. I have a 2005 Damon Challenger with the Ford V10 engine. I am very happy with this motorhome that was purchased new in Sept of 04, and have had minimal issues. The one issue that I have, that no one seems to be able to explain is that I get a transmission leak when the coach is left without use for a while. It seems to be worse in hot weather conditions. I have taken it to several places, Ford. Aamco, several RV service centers, and no one can give me answers. The last place told me that my overflow vent was clogged, and that the pan needed tightening. I paid for this service, then left my coach where I have a deeded RV lot on Lake hartwell in South Carolina. Months later I notice that the transmission still leaks, and the time for return has past. Can anyone help me with this or has anyone had the same problem that can direct me as to what I should do. Thanks for your help George Athens, Georgia
  2. As long as it has manual transmission, left in neutral, you can virtually tow any vehicle four wheels on the ground.
  3. I have an 05 Damon Challenger model 348 that was purchased in Sept of 04 new. I have never had a problem with the slide, but occasionally do lubricate under the slide with silicone spray. You failed to mention if you purchased your Challenger new or used, if used do you have any repair records of previous problems. Good Luck George Athens Georgia
  4. I have a Damon Challenger, and it has a spot for a spare tire right above the propane take. I have had 2 occasions to have a tired changed, and was very glad that I had the spare. both times were in remote areas and replacement tires were not only unavailable BUT the time of the incident was after business hours so if there was one available I would have to wait for business hours to get one. I think it is worth it to carry a spare tire George
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