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  1. You are incorrect on all counts. Ford gasser gets 7.5 mpg towing, Ford says to change the oil every 7500 miles. So where does the 3000 mile figure come from? Spark plugs at least 100 thousand miles as per Ford. So most RV owners will never change spark plugs. Diesel fuel also costs .65 - 1.00 more per gallon. No one who wants to keep their diesel motor in great shape would wait 15000 mile between oil changes. I disagree when you say maintenance on a diesel cost the same as a gasser. YOU CAN ALSO GET Flying J/ Pilot discount card on a gasser too.
  2. The diesel likely has a bigger fuel tank. Oil changes cost 5 times as much or more. Everything costs more. A gasser gets 6.5-7.5 and a diesel get maybe 8.5 at best .......and the diesel fuel costs 25% more. So in reality to fuel a diesel could possibly cost more than a gasser.
  3. I have a 2012 F53 V10 under a Tiffin motorhome-- Allegro 35 qba. My chassis is 22000lb. I seem to only get 6-6.5 mpg traveling from the midwest to Florida via I 75. I travel 62-65 mph. What are other mpg numbers people are getting?
  4. Georgetown motorhomes sure do look nice. Do any of the forum members own one and willing to give me information on how you do or don't like it. I own a Tiffin now and looking to change/upgrade to a unit a little longer with a king bed. Thanks in advance, Gealfa
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