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  1. We are still looking for a reasonable Class C motorhome. While we owned a little Toyota some time a go. Our dog died and well..it had to go to. ..too many memories, I guess. Regardless...we're looking for something, not for nothing, but of value for the long haul. Of course, fuel mileage is always an issue. However, what the motorhome brings to our life is some piece of mind when traveling. No long airline lines, rental cars, resort packing for and unpacking...repacking...going home etc, etc..really the motorhome we are looking for is getting bout 10mpg...unless we pop for a Mercedes..of which is really out of sight for our budget...but not our tastes. The budget rules though. So...waddya think...still gotta work for a year or so...those expensive Mercedes diesel..fuel sipping units av gotta come down,as they begin to show used on the market. Sound like a vulture? Yea..well been on the other side of a sale or two some things myself. Any ideas? or are mine confusing enough?
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