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  1. I submitted an email to tech services but have not received a response.
  2. Thank you. I wasn’t sure if I would do more damage with that.
  3. I have a 2005 Southwind motorhome. The side mirror is made by VelVac#713819. The left side mirror will not stay tight while on the road. I tighten it and it’s snug. Within 30 miles it’s spinning around and it useless. How can I get the adjustment to stay tight? No problem with the mirror on the right side. Thanks for any information.
  4. A month old Wayfarer Motorhome and the steps come in and out while driving. Any thoughts on the cause? Heading back to the dealer now. Thank you, Debbie
  5. Good Morning, I always travel with the generator running and both roof ACs running. My dogs travel mid coach so I need the whole coach comfortably cool. Debbie
  6. Sounds absolutely delightful! This campground used to be predominantly 55plus with very few children. I’m not anti children but expect a degree of decorum. When the family returned from the beach today the parents pointed me out to the children as the camper who complained about their speeding. Then the kids got the “E” scooters and bikes out to race for the next hour. Great lesson parents! I thought it was because as a widow I’m alone and they felt comfortable with their aggression. I know think it’s simply ignorance. God help their children!
  7. I have been a camper for over 40 years. This has ranged from tents to trailers and the current Class A motor home. As I’m out taking an evening walk in the campground I twice had to move off the pavement as young children raced electronic scooters and bikes. I researched the product and they go 15 mph. The campground road speeds are 5 mph and enforced. After the second time my dog and I had to yield the pavement I made a comment to my dog. The next thing I know Mom is at my camp site telling me to not talk to her child and if I have an issue to talk with her. How would you handle this? I told her I had no idea who the kids belonged to and they were creating a safety hazard for us seniors taking an evening walk. What would you do in this matter? I’m thinking of going to the office in the morning?
  8. Yes, that looks like the correct info. Page five states the red and green lights blinking indicate loss of power to the jack. That is the light pattern I have on the fron jack that’s not working. I wonder if there is a loose connection that gets aggravated by driving. You would think after All of diagnostic time the repair tech would have checked for that.. I’m not sure though and just guessing
  9. Opps typo, my coach is 2005.
  10. My coach is a 2006 Fleetwood Southwind. The Atwood system is electric. The face of the system states, “Atwood P/N 66273”.
  11. I have Atwood levelers on my motorhome and never had a problem before this April. At first use the drivers side front started down then stopped and hung up. I used the override, in the book, to get it retracted. I tried again and both levelers hung up. I used the same over ride. Made a service appointment, and they hung up while being checked out. The repair tech cleared the computer memory and said they were fine. The next day I went out on a trip and they would not extend. After the trip I went back to dealer. They worked perfectly the entire week he had the unit. I also tried them before leaving. A week later and I’m on another trip: same problem. The drivers front would not extend and the balance of the levelers also stopped. Got everything retracted but alarm on leveler will not shut off when engine is on. Called dealer and he told me how to disconnect panel. Any thoughts on the problem would be greatly appreciated. I’m tired of paying for diagnostics and getting no where. Thanks!
  12. The State of New Jersey discontinued motorhome inspections last year.
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