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  1. Yes, that looks like the correct info. Page five states the red and green lights blinking indicate loss of power to the jack. That is the light pattern I have on the fron jack that’s not working. I wonder if there is a loose connection that gets aggravated by driving. You would think after All of diagnostic time the repair tech would have checked for that.. I’m not sure though and just guessing
  2. Opps typo, my coach is 2005.
  3. My coach is a 2006 Fleetwood Southwind. The Atwood system is electric. The face of the system states, “Atwood P/N 66273”.
  4. I have Atwood levelers on my motorhome and never had a problem before this April. At first use the drivers side front started down then stopped and hung up. I used the override, in the book, to get it retracted. I tried again and both levelers hung up. I used the same over ride. Made a service appointment, and they hung up while being checked out. The repair tech cleared the computer memory and said they were fine. The next day I went out on a trip and they would not extend. After the trip I went back to dealer. They worked perfectly the entire week he had the unit. I also tried them before leaving. A week later and I’m on another trip: same problem. The drivers front would not extend and the balance of the levelers also stopped. Got everything retracted but alarm on leveler will not shut off when engine is on. Called dealer and he told me how to disconnect panel. Any thoughts on the problem would be greatly appreciated. I’m tired of paying for diagnostics and getting no where. Thanks!
  5. The State of New Jersey discontinued motorhome inspections last year.
  6. Pam, thank you for the link! Great information. , Debbie
  7. Thanks, Bill, that was the way I read the new legislation also. This will not help the RV industry.
  8. As I read the newly approve income tax code, it appears we will lose the interest deduction on our motorhomes. Can anyone confirm that this is correct? Thanks.
  9. Thank you to everyone! Going on a real trip next week and remain nervous.
  10. Thanks Herman! Can you suggest an acceptable temperature range?
  11. Many thanks, I am sure you can tell I am nervous about this and need to get my confidence restored. I love my motorhome and I am not ready to hang up the keys, but it is nerve racking when you have a major break down while traveling alone.
  12. Thanks to everyone in the FMCA community for all of the guidance and education provided on this subject. Now that I am back on the road I purchased an infrared thermometer to track wheel temps. The ambient temp in the area is still in the mid 90's. What is a reasonable operating hub temperature? I am not sure what is considered a problem temp. Of course the sunny side of the vehicle always registers hotter. Thanks in advance.
  13. Thanks for all of the replies! We will continue the search for new break hoses tomorrow
  14. Yesterday we got the hubs lubed and the rotors turned, installed new calipers and bled the brake lines. The caliper on the left front tire froze up immediately. Where do we look next? New brake line? Still looking and haven't been able to locate one. Or the abs modulator? Any insight is appreciated. Thank you!
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