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  1. I am now using the Air Force One SMI on my new F-150 truck and works perfectly. Only have to hook up the air line and small safety brake away cable. No box inside vehicle and no battery drainage. Does not come on with engine brake only when pressing brake pedal in the coach. The harder you push on coach brake the same force is applied to the towed vehicle's brake.
  2. Thanks Gary. I have been reading up on the Air Force One and the M&G brakes. It looks like both are very good but the M&G seems to be the favorite for many RVr. I now will be considering this one also. Also, by next year I will have better information on towing the 2012 F-150 and the brake system. Thanks again. Mario
  3. Great information. Thank You very much. We have the 425 ISL Cummins should be no problems. What did you do for a braking system? I am looking at the Air Force One SMI unit. Again Thank You. Mario I
  4. I am looking at purchasing a new F-150 4x4 EcoBoost Lariat Truck for towing 4 wheels down. The 2012 model with select shift 4x4 is now acceptable for neutral tow. If anyone has good or bad information on this vehicle, please let me know. Mario Gagnon 2008 Country Coach Allure F-392812
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