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  1. We just purchased a used 2016 Lincoln MKS with 22,000 miles to use as a TOAD.  Currently towing a 2013 Lincoln MKS (50,000 towed miles).  We use a Blue Ox base plate and the Air Force One braking system.  Our motorhome is already set up to tow with the AF1.  For a complete setup on the new to us TOAD we were given a 3K bid to set up the TOAD.  Lights with charge line, AF1 (just car side as motorhome is set up), and Blue Ox base plate.  Does that seem high? Was way cheaper in 2012 when we set up the current TOAD.

  2. We have a 2018 Newmar Dutch Star 4369 with the Oasis heating system.  We have something going on that makes it very hot in the cabinet under the kitchen sink.  This is only the case when the Oasis is running, either on electric or the burner.  I have checked the bypass switch and it is in the right position.  Thinking maybe a bad check valve.  What do you think?  Anyone else with this problem?

  3. We have been using this card for the last month.  Discounts are real and as stated Loves gives the best discount.  We have used it around Eastern Canada and although there is no discount there, it starts the pump in any line and no putting a credit card in 3 times to get a fill.  Love this card.

  4. Problem solved!!!  I went to an upscale electronics store in Sioux City and asked about my problem.  They said the first generation OTA adapter from Dish network was junk from the start.  This is the one I had and it did get very hot.  Since we lost our first motorhome to an RV fire, not the best choice for us.  They told me Dish has come out with a 3rd generation adapter that is much better.  $85 later it is installed and voila' 18 channels.  Same as going straight to the TV with the razor.  Now my OTA channels are in my Dish Network guide and I can record them off the OTA antenna.  That allows recording 2 things at the same time.  One off OTA and one off the satellite tuner.  If there are shows on two networks we like that air at the same time we now have the flexibility to record both.  Sweet! 

  5. Yesterday I called Dish and asked about this problem and their rep told me the OTA adapter reduces the signal so what I am getting might be it.  She said if I get anything the adapter is working correctly.  I did not like this answer so I took the adapter off my hopper and tried it in the Motorhome with the Wally.  Wouldn't you know it, 10 channels.  Only ABC missing.  Now I am on a quest to find a better OTA coaxial to USB converter than dish sells.  Any suggestions?  Will the adapter for a video game work on a TV?  Not sure about all this hertz and gigga stuff.


  6. Our motorhome has a razor OTA TV antenna.  I use a Dish network Wally receiver.  When I scan for OTA channels directly on the TV I am getting 18 channels in my current location.  When I scan thru the Wally I am only getting 3 channels.  I have the adapter for the OTA reception and am hooked up to the razor.  This has not worked right since we got this motorhome.  Suggestions?  Could my adapter be faulty or am I not actually hooked up to the razor.  How would you track this down?   

  7. Our screen on our Magnum Inverter has a scrolling note stating Fault Gen Run. It also scrolls the status of the charge.  Everything seems to be working right.  I do have the auto gen start set.  We have been hooked up to shore power so no reason for it to run.  Is this normal or is something wrong?

  8. Michelin 365 70R 22.5 fronts.   Front driver 8820.  Front Pass 8960. Front total 18,000  I believe Michelin chart shows 105 PSI for front.

    Michelin 315 80R 22.5 rear,  Rear driver 13,000 (including tag) just tag rear driver 4720.   Rear Pass 11680 (including tag) just pass tag 4640.  Rear total including tags 26200.

    Total weight 44,360.

    I believe that would be 100 PSI in all rear tires. 

    Your input is appreciated.

  9. I'll be weighing tonight.  I thought I only needed to weigh each corner.  My tag is a single tire on each side behind the duels.  Don't think the scale I will be using will allow me to weigh the duels separate from the tag. Don't think I can get the front tires off the scale to weigh the duels alone. I could weigh the tag separately.

  10. Just purchased a new motorhome and getting ready to start out on our first long trip.  Trying to get tire inflation right after loading it up.  Michelin tire chart shows duel or single tire.  We have duels with a tag.  That isn't on the chart.  How do we figure tire pressure with a tag?

  11. After reading up on the settings, I turned off the Low Cut Off feature on the inverter.  The owners manual stated you might want it off if you want power to Satellite receivers (and I do).  So far so good.  It has stayed on now for 2 days.  Also the charger was in standby mode and I turned it on.

  12. Went off again last night while plugged into shore power.  I am going to call Newmar's tech support next week and see if they can walk me through correct settings on the Magnum Inverter.  I think something is set wrong that is shutting it off.  Quiet time maybe.  Updates to follow after I talk to them.  We don't dry camp often so not a big deal when plugged in but don't want to lose power to the fridge while driving.

  13. Brand new coach and the charger was not on.  Right now it is in the shop having the brake line added for our Air Force One so can't check.  I wonder if the battery bank was so low that it shut the inverter off.  Will investigate further when it comes home again.  I will for sure turn the charger on.

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