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  1. Went to the Blue Ox representative in Council Bluffs (Council Hitch) and the cost was $5050.40 which included a car battery charge device. I have a 2015 Lincoln MKT which I believe is the same chassis as the Edge, and have the 3.5L with all wheel drive. I have never had a good experience at Camping World.
  2. Purchased Lincoln MKT new in 2015 but didn’t set up for towing until this summer. Parked at dealer today to get transmission rebuilt with only 62K miles. Only 3K towed miles and last trip was in August. Owner’s manual set up procedure followed explicitly. Dealer doesn’t believe towing caused the failure and is repairing under warranty, but never had a transmission fail with such low mileage. Any observations? 3.5L EcoBoost AWD
  3. Looking for recommendations on equipment to tow 2015 Lincoln MKT (about 4700 lb) behind Fleetwood Expedition with Cummins Diesel.
  4. My experience with overheating. We have a Fleetwood Expedition on a Freightliner chassis with a Cummins 6.7 liter engine that we purchased new. Between 10K and 40K miles we chased an overheating problem that presented as coolant temperature and engine temperature trouble signals. In every instance we returned to the nearest Freightliner dealer in various parts of the U.S. During this time, sensors were replaced, fan clutch replaced, water pump replaced, thermostat replaced and the radiator steam cleaned without removal. Ultimately, a Cummins dealer in Phoenix diagnosed the problem as dirt and debris, between the radiator and charge air cooler. This was without hesitation and without inspection. While we relaxed in the motor home they removed the radiator and charge air cooler, then invited me to take photos of the two with caked dirt and grass that covered both surfaces. We like remote camp sites. After they were cleaned, the digital engine temperature display has never exceeded 202˚F regardless of the load, altitude or speed. Normal at cruise is 196. After every trip I make a point of hosing down the radiator and charge air cooler.
  5. Thanks Mr. Wolfe!! Cummins Rocky Mountain in Phoenix pulled the radiator and the charge air cooler. Major air blockage that is not obvious by simply feeling air flow when the engine is running. Looked like a large bird's nest of grass and mud. In the future, this area will receive a flushing after every trip. Certainly Freightliner dealers in Wichita and Salina have some explaining to do. Tried to add photo's but failed. Thanks again everyone for the input.
  6. Thanks for the info. Have appointment with Cummins Monday morning. They agree this is a probability. I got through the closet floor, but that is just the top of the fan shroud. Now looking for info on how to access through the floor.
  7. Original owner of 2008 Fleetwood Expedition with 48K miles. Just started occasional overheating alarm for no apparent reason such as load, hills or outside temperature. New water pump and thermostat, fan clutch new at 20K miles, radiator steam cleaned by Freightliner two days ago when water pump replaced, belt good. After I pull off road and allow engine to idle for a few minutes, temperature drops to normal and stays in normal range for several hundred miles. Any ideas? Currently east of El Paso heading for Tucson, then through the mountains and home to Nebraska.
  8. When traveling with a full or nearly full water tank, is there a risk of breaking the mounting brackets due to the forces from water movement? Recently a fellow traveler said that all tanks should be empty to avoid such failure and add water at the camp site.
  9. I have 08 Fleetwood/Freightliner and had it aligned at a heavy truck suspension shop in Omaha (not Freightliner dealer) in 2012. Don't know what they had to do, but the bill came to $69.50 for an hour of work. Really improved handling so they did something. Sorry for the bad news.
  10. Due to a death in the family, we are considering taking our motor home on a 400 mile trip to the Minneapolis area. The local Camping World service manager said that even with a heated basement, the plumbing will still freeze while driving. Have a 2008 Fleetwood Expedition diesel pusher. Anybody have experience with this?
  11. Have power gear automatic hydraulic jacks. I automatically leveled the coach and then realized I had forgotten to deflate the suspension system. I again turned on the jack controls and the low voltage light is now on and the jacks will not retract. Actual voltage is 13.6. Cannot find any help on the power gear website. Any ideas?
  12. I have a factory installed Jensen radio with factory installed antenna for Sirius radio. If the motor home sits unused for a week or two, I have to call for a re-activation signal and no matter what time I call, reception doesn't start until around 6 or 7 in the evening. Then during our trip we will have no problem unless we encounter a lengthy obstruction (like a tunnel) and the signal is lost again until I call for re-activation signal, and again, radio doesn't work until 6 or 7 in the evening. Naturally, Jensen points at Sirius, and Sirus points at Jensen. Any ideas??
  13. A couple points of clarification: 1. Once the tanks have reached normal pressure, I have never had a problem losing pressure while I'm driving. 2. The only time this problem surfaces is when we prepare to leave the camp ground in the morning. Both tanks hold pressur overnight. I start the engine and let it warm up for several minutes, then retract the jacks and and move the suspension switch to "auto". The bags fill and one tank drops to about 60 and stays there. This causes the alarm to sound and I have never attempted to drive until after the alarm goes off. 3. Most instances (not all), if I turn the engine off, then restart, the tank starts to fill to normal pressure. This is all great advise. Thanks! Bruce
  14. Thank you Brett!! I've been all over this thing listening for air leaks and they don't exist. When the problem occurs, one tank holds at about 60 and the second at normal pressure of about 130 provided I don't use any air. The governor makes sense. By the way, this was our sixth trip to Texas, avoiding the interstate and enjoying every trip. Bruce
  15. I also have an issue with a 2008 Freightliner air suspension system. Following the owner's manual instructions, I lower the coach before leveling when we stop for the night. The next morning after the air suspension fills, the air pressure does not build up and the low air alarm remains on. I few times when this has happened, I could correct the problem by turning the ignition off, then restarting the engine and the compressor would start filling. However, 2 weeks ago when it happened the air tank would not refill even after I bled the tanks to zero. I called Freightliners help line and after some trouble shooting routines they sent a non-Freightliner mechanic (I was in the middle of nowhere Texas on Sunday) who bypassed the dryer. After about 10 minutes the tanks started to fill to normal pressure. We started back to Omaha (with the dryer bypassed, but the next morning it gave me the same problem, and again the morning after that. Both times I stopped and started the engine and it started working. I first had this problem last fall and immediately took it to the Freightliner dealer who kept it for 3 days and could not duplicate the problem. Stored it for the winter, then started for Texas and spent 2 weeks on the road before the problem resurfaced. Today is day 2 at the Freightliner shop and they are telling me again that they can't duplicate. Any ideas? The chassis is on it's last year of warranty, but since Freightliner can't find the problem, the trouble shooting labor is coming out of my pocket.
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