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  1. Hi! It is my understanding that tow bars/baseplates can be installed by Uhaul technicians at certain Uhaul sites. Am I correct? Has anyone had this work done at Uhaul? If not, can anyone suggest where I can go in southeast Pennsylvania to get these items installed? The local dealers insist that you buy the components from them before they will tackle the installation work.
  2. Hi! I am located in southeast Pennsylvania and I am trying to locate someone that can install a Ready Brute Elite tow bar and a Blue Ox baseplate on my 2012 Ford Focus. I would appreciate it if someone could forward a name of an experienced installer that could handle this task for me. Thank you!
  3. hark582


    Has anyone used the BatteryMINDer to charge their house batteries? How effective is it? Must you remove the batteries from the coach in order to charge them? Please advise. Thanks!
  4. Does anyone tow a 2012 Ford Focus. If so, what equipment did you use? How well does it tow? Have you experienced any problems?
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