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  1. Just a note. I spoke to Fleetwood yesterday. There are no drawings available outlining the mounting procedure for the body. There are no technical people to talk with due to cutbacks. The "parts" technician was very helpful. The floor is mounted to the chassis with thru bolts then the walls are mounted to the floor via screws that are hidden under the "trim" rail that runs above your outside storage compartments. His statement was that if the wall was separated from the floor you should see the floor and wall move independently while driving. I don't see this but I do feel a slight movement under my feet while driving. I'm bringing the coach home this weekend for some other projects, and this will be under further investigation. I do have a drivers door and I did note that the support screws for the step where sheered off so who knows. More to come.

    I think you are on the right track with regards to the support screws being sheered off. I do think it is strange that JOSAM isn't helping more. Maybe they feel they might make it worse and be liable?

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