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  1. Thought you all might find how our Cruze towing problem was resolved This may be a bit long, but it's worth reading I think anyway LOL We purchased our Cruze automatic in January 2011 We purchased it because it was supposed to be towable 4 wheels on the ground, it had a large enough trunk to carry my handicapped wife's 3-wheel scooter inside and the car color matched our motorhome pretty close. We towed it 4-wheels down until we resolved the problem, WITHOUT having any transmission problems. I had complained a couple of times that it didn't shift very smoothly from day one and was told everything checked out and that's just the way it shifted. All right I'll live with it, not a big problem. Now our solution may not be acceptable to everyone, but it works for us-- OK? We received the "no towing" notice in September. I called GM to find out what they were going to do about it. After getting a case number, I got shuffled off to a guy working in Argentina. He offered us a tow dolly payment of $1500. Whoopie. No way, I say . At 72, I don't need all that hassle. I'm not having any problems, just honor the warranty. That's all I want. He'll get back to me. He calls me back and tells me GM will work through my dealer, so call them. OK, this I do. Register Chevrolet and RV in Brooksville, Florida. Salesman: Ray Groetsch. Remember those names folks Well, we did whatever they asked Looked at various other cars they had. Nothing fit our needs. Trunk too small, too big and heavy a car, wife couldn't get in (SUV style) etc. I told them that REMCO was working on a oil pump and they could just add that on when it became available. Folks at GM said no to that. Of course all this is taking quite a bit of time Finally we said, get a Cruze with standered transmission BUT it has to be the same model, same extras and same color. So this they do. They found one that was very similar and was the ECO model to boot. Color, extras(except back-up alarm) the same, plus the ECO extras of course. It also has dark tinted windows all-around That's a big plus here in Florida. Wonderful. Now all we have to do is switch the towing stuff from one car to the other, right? Nope. The ECO takes an entirely different setup. Have to get an all new towing set-up. Done. Now mind you GM is OKing all this. Well everything is done. Finally, we get the BRAND NEW Cruze ECO in December. It's a great car. Mileage is high, averaging 33.4 mpg. It's really fun to drive. Shifting is amazingly easy. I admit I have stalled it a few times-- LOL. Hey, Tony Stewert I ain't . Yes, it took time to finally get it resolved due to situations on both sides, but it came out OK in the end The major thing is what it cost us: NOTHING NOT A PENNY GM Cost;$7800. From the beginning I told them we were NOT about to pay for their mistake. And we didn't. Our dealer, salesman, service and RV service people were fantastic though-out the whole process. Our thanks to them for whatever they did to get us satisfied. That's why I said to remember their names. In Florida? Need service or something new? Check them out. You won't be sorry. All's well that ends well, I suppose. Traveler38 has spoken.
  2. Hello badeye---Any update on the Malibu situation?---They offered me one and claim it's flat-towable.---Where did you get your information?---Can you give me a number and name of a real knowledgeable person I can contact?---Sure would like to get some honest facts to tell these guys aover here in Florida what the real scoop is.---One of the people talking to me told me he works down in Argentina.---Like they really know what's the problem really is down there.
  3. Anybody know about any legal action started? I just don't understand how they can just say they're not going to honor the warrenty. It's fair if they don't want to honor it from the time they add a note to the manual. That's. ok. To just say they're not going to honor it prior to that, just dosen't seem legal to me. Heck, it's like telling a fire department not to use the fire trucks water pump as some have failed, it's ok to drive the truck to the fire but don't use the water pump. AND we aren't going to fix it either. Does it mean that anyone can just void a warrenty if they choose and that's that? These "DEALS" they're offering seem to be costing US, not them Sorry I traded in my 2001 Honda Civic. Any legal folks out there want to help?
  4. As long as you're satified that's good enough for me They offered me a $1300 bucks towards a tow dolly or a trade down to a smaller Sonic with no cash difference To old to mess around with a unwanted dolly and my wife's wheelchairs don't fit in the Sonic anyway I'm hoping REMCO gets their pump system up and ready fairly soon Enjoy the life, PS: For anyone's information, From reports I've read,Ford has backed up their warrenty Regards, traveler38
  5. Did GM also pay for ALL the new baseplate and brake towing parts? Seems like you got snookered a bit. Cars haven't required undercoating for years. Well, to make the dealer a nice profit I suppose. Does anyone really know how much of a problem this is or if it is a problem? How many of you out there have had transmission failure anyway? GM does NOT give out any real facts in the note they were kind enough to send. Anyone have or is starting any kind of legal action against GM's clear breach of contract? There's no real reason we have to stop using the Cruze for the purpose we originally purchased it for is there? It came with a warranty in effect at the time of purchase with no warning that there may be a problem. I really don't understand why we owners of good faith have to suffer for their screw-up. Comments? Thoughts? Solutions?
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