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  1. Baynhambecky here. I solved my Ford Escape problem. I purchased a Honda CRV. Thanks for all the replies and advice. Ford would not make the deal right by trading for a towable(Escapes mfg before 2/17/2012). They treated my 2012 non-towable Escape as a used car and were willing(HAHA) to allow me to trade it in on a towable vehicle and pay difference. I walked.
  2. Thanks for all the info I have received. Does anyone know what, if anything is Ford doing about the vehicles that are owned but not towable? I had scheduled to have my base plate installed but cancelled until I can resolve the problem with Ford. Anyone have any phone numbers for Ford or the department to contact? I am lost at this point. Thanks.
  3. Hello, just bought a 2012 Ford Escape and was told that it was towable 4 Down. Got home and read the book and it says it is, but had an insert that said it is not. Our local Ford dealer has agreed to take my vehicle after thay check with Ford Motors. Read in FMCA that the Escape was towable 4 down. Just a reminder to you if you have a problem. Thanks
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