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  1. I own a Class A "Renegade" by Harney Coach works (Now part of Monaco by way of Safari). I live in North Central Florida near Ocala. We are starting to get a few nights when the temp will slip down to freezing or a little below, My question is how cold for how long before I should take any precautions ?? My basement is heated, although obviously no help unless I run the furnace. I store the coach in a pole barn so it is pretty exposed. Thanks
  2. The Cat service center thinks they have solved the problem. There were some "connector issues" at the ECM, plus they downloaded the latest software to the ECM. Everything was normal on a 10 mile road test, so here is hoping.
  3. Thanks Fellows. I am glad to hear that you've had good luck with xtraride, It looks to be a much better deal than Good Sams EW.
  4. Has any one have any expierence/knowlege of extended warranties provided by Xtraride? I have a nice quote from Wholesale Warranties on a very comprehensive policy, but I wanted to ask around before I pulled the trigger. The quote is less than half of what I am currently paying thru Good Sam.
  5. Have not solved the problem yet, I have cleaned every electrical connection I can find, nothing has changed other than the air inlet heater light doesn't illuminate anymore. Heater still cycling you can see it in the voltmeter and how the engine runs. Took coach back to the Caterpillar dealer and left it.
  6. Hi Brett, Thanks for the reply. When the Cat dealer checked the codes the only one was "Low voltage" to the sensor they changed. (coolant temp). I did not check the ground at the computer, could you give me a little more info on where it is and how to find it ? I am scheduled to drop it off at the Cat dealer Monday. Anything I can eliminate or troubleshoot will help.
  7. I have a "99 Renegade by Harney with a Cat 3126 engine. its a pusher setup. Air inlet heater keeps cycling. Problem is intermittent. Sometimes I can go 400 miles without it happening and then it may start. Sometimes when it does it the engine will not run at idle. Strange thing is when it does it, if I turn on the Jake Brake it quits or it least it doesn't do it when the engine is above idle. Still might do it at idle like at a stop light. If I turn off the Jake brake it starts doing it at cruise RPM. Naturally engine runs rough when heater cycles (too rich). Cat dealer changed Inlet Air sensor for coolant temp no help,,,,, going back Monday,,,if any one has any experience or ideas, all gladly appreciated.
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