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  1. I had a friend today who was trying to purchase under the FMCA program. He was offered the same price to pay directly to the Michelin dealer, since the dealer had problems collecting from FMCA. It’s my understanding that you pay to FMCA, and then go to the dealer for mounting/balancing, and they get paid from FMCA. If I was a dealer, who had to wait on FMCA, I would go direct with the customer. If that’s the FMCA procedure, they need to get this improved! OR, that’s not a benefit!
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    In fairnest to Coach-net concerning my initial post, they have finally made contact with me and after investigation have offered to pay 1/2 the tire cost, which I have accepted to stop the misery (they are to pay as soon as original invoice is received from the tire co). Of course, there could have been some error on the part of the tire provider which Coach-Net sent, but no need to dwell on that. Bottom line is they did finally respond and I am moving on with the reality in mind that they are likely as good as any service provider in this type of business and the hope that I get a check within the next month. Thanks, David White
  3. A little over a month back, I had a tire failure on a Sunday near dark. I called Coach-Net and got a gentleman and explained my problem and tire size and kept emphasizng my load range H need. After a few minutes, he called back with a couple of choices $$$ and I made my choice and was instructed to wait for a call from the tire company. That came in about 90 minutess and was a report that they did not have my tire in stock in any brand. I called back to Coach-Net and got a young lady who had to call the previous tire company to confirm and got back with me, at which time I again went into the load range H and she flatly told me that all tires my size were the same and, at the time, I didn't know any different. I was assuming they were the experts. By the time the second tire company got out, the time was 9 p.m. and it was dark. All I could see was the tire size and it was OK, but when I got home I discovered the load range is G and the maximum weight capacity is slightly lower than my actual coach weight on any corner. Now I have a tire that must be replaced again. I immediately called Coach-Net and was advised they would check out the phone records and get back. After a week, I called again and a gentleman read the contact info to me and it had numerous references to load range H and he advised he would turn it over to quality control. In a few days, I followed up with an e-mail to Coach-Net and since then I have received a "how was our service" survey form. I attached the detailed e-mail to the form and mailed it. It has now been another two weeks and no response from Coach-Net. I feel they were in control of the tire and either they or the tire company messed up and I am left holding a $500 tire I can't use. I really think the last lady was so sure she knew everything, she failed to tell the tire company about the load range H. I have used them once before and was very pleased, but this is dissapointing when I have recommended them to several friends. I would at least expect a response from them. What should I do? Any suggestions would be appreciated. David White
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