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  1. Looking for product recommendations to line my Onan generator compartment on a '76 GMC motorhome. Goal is to improve insulation and reduce noise level in the coach. Several foil laminated Styrofoam or urethane products are available at Lowe's, Home Depot and Menards but not sure they withstand heat levels in the compartment. Would appreciate comments and thoughts on this subject.
  2. I just purchased a partially restored 1976 GMC motorhome. The RV can be registered in my state with antique motor vehicle plates. However, the state law stipulates the motorhome with antique plates can only be used on the road for attending rallies, participating in parades, etc. Therefore I registered the RV with the department of motor vehicles with "normal" license plates for a RV. I contacted my insurance company and requested coverage based on an "agreed upon value" since the motorhome is an antique and book values may not be appropriate. Upon receipt of my policy, I did not receive the requested "agreed upon value" coverage. We are now negotiating the insurance coverage anticipating they will capitulate and honor my request. What is the "accepted practice" for insurance coverage for antique RVs? Is the "agreed upon value" the correct coverage? Other options?
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