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  1. I bought a new 2011 edge and had the same problem everyone else is having. It has ford sync with backup camera. I think this is where the problems come in, to much draw maintaining the computer even with key off. Anyhow I took it to the ford garage and they said they would install a battery tender, when they got done (took them 4 hrs) they tried to charge me $160 I said no way the manual says it will work so fix it so it will work they relented and charged me nothing. The first time I hooked it up to tow, blew the fuses in the motor home for the stoplight . I knew it had worked right before they had worked on it so when I got to where I was going took a look at it they had hooked the ground wire from the battery to the brake light terminal in the plug. So I switched it to the ground terminal and it has worked fine since. Took me about 15 minutes to rewire. I should have done it in the first place but thought it was their problem they should fix it. Lithia Ford in Boise, Idaho. This is my first Ford in 30 years and will be my last.
  2. I got back to Idaho and took it to Lithia Ford where I bought it. There they said, yes, it would go dead with long tows. They offered to install a battery tender on the car to run off of the 12 volt on the motorhome so hopefully problem solved. They said they have had to do this on cars that are parked for long times.
  3. I have had the car to three dealerships, they check the battery and tell me there is nothing wrong. One in Arizona told me that they had found that you need to stop 3-4 times a day and run the car for 15 minutes to keep the battery charged. If you park the car not hooked to the motor home put it in neutral first click on key with door open dash light will stay on, second click on key dash lights go off except for transmsion position indicator lights. I let it set for 3 hours and battery dropped 1 full volt 4 hours and it will no longer start. My next step is bacck to the dealer where I bought it and talk to the general manager inatead of service managers.
  4. I had a 2006 Suzuki that when you towed it you had to stop every 200 miles and run the engine for 3 minutes to lube the transmission. I was wanting some thing a little nicer that I didn't have to worry so much about when I stopped, so the Ford Edge says stop and run engine when you fuel. So I bought it. First trip I made a 250 mile trip when I got out to start and unhook the car the battery was dead. So I went by the Lithia Ford dealer where I bought it-- no help at all. They said they had a call into Ford and would get hold of me when they got back to them, that was the last AI heard. So we were leaving for Arizona so thought-- lots of tow cars there they would have an answer, they did. Their answer was "we have found that you need to stop 3-4 times a day and run the engine for 15 minutes to recharge the battery or it will go DEAD. This is NOT WHAT IT SAYS IN THE MANUAL OR WHAT i WAS TOLD WHEN I BOUGHT IT. So now instead of a car I can tow 200 miles and run 3 minutes I have one that I have to stop every 100 -150 miles and run for 15 minutes, anyone interested in a class action suit?
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