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  1. Following up on my origianl post - when we got home we found our Brake Buddy was also not functioning properly (brake away light no working). We took it to our local dealer (Arbutus RV in Cassidy, BC). They got us a new Brake Buddy at no charge and also fixed the two bar. The service person said that Blue Ox had sent them a kit to fix the broken pin inside the left bar - again at no cost. So now we have two tow bars with us at all times. So, I think the problem here was Pleasureland RV in Minneapolis just wanted to sell us a new tow bar. They were the problem, not Blue Ox. Mark Curtis Chemainus, BC Canada
  2. Hello everyone, Last summer (June 2013) our Aventa II tow bar broke in Minnesota while traveling on a main highway. One of the pins inside the leg sheared off with no warning. After after finding a Blue Ox dealer nearby as listed on their web site, we went to Pleasureland RV near Minneapolis. We explained that the tow bar was less than a year old and the parts people came out to look at the bar. We were staying at a nearby campground so the company said all they could do was get us a new one ($800) but that we should contact Blue Ox to get our money back. The next day we drove off with our new tow bar but Blue Ox will not refund our money because they say we should have contacted them directly and as we had purchased the new tow bar they could not help us. When I told Pleasureland RV they said all they could have done was to have fixed the bar and we perhaps we did not explain ourselves to the service people on duty. We feel we did everything right and Blue Ox should have refunded our money or Pleasureland RV should have explained the situation and had us, or perhaps themselves, contact Blue Ox before the transaction. We were not in any hurry so speed was not an issue. In any case we are out over $800 and feel this was very wrong on both companies parts. Just thought anyone in a similar situation should know this. Mark & Johanna Chemainus, BC Canada
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