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  1. Upon close inspection, the switch that toggles the fan between on and auto was not in the full auto position and yes, once firmly placed in the auto position the unit functioned as designed. Thank you very much. Once again a knowledgeable source within a well moderated forum saves me time, money and frustration (not to mention more than a little bit of embarrassment). Thank you very much!
  2. My AC started acting up last night. The fan will not shut off even when the thermostat 3-way switch (Cool-Off-Heat) controller is in the "OFF" position. If I place it in the "Cool" position the air conditoner compressor kicks in and it cools my 5th wheel but doesn't shut off. It also just kicked out the breaker, but when the breaker was reset, the compressor kicked in again and the unit has continued to cool the RV for 40 minutes now, dropping the temperature from 78 to 71. When the compressor kicks out, the fan remains on. Is there anyone out there with some experience similar to this? Is it more likely to be the thermostat or the AC unit (board?). The RV is a 1995 Holiday Rambler with a 13500 Dometic AC unit.
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