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  1. It has slowed down but I do not believe it has stopped. Had the oil/filter changed in the last week of May. Monitoring the oil level as well as limiting cold idle time to see what is going on.
  2. First trip to Coach Care was in August of 2013. Second trip was in second week of December.
  3. Of course it idles long enough to inflate the air bags to bring the slides in. Usually turn off a little after the low air signal goes off. Since the injectors are new, could it be in the associated plumbing. Since the work, I have increased 1 mpg. Thought that indicated the issue was fixed.
  4. I have been dealing with increasing oil level in my Cummins ISC-350 engine. I had oil on the TOAD, high oil level, and a full Slober container. The unit has twice been diagnosed and serviced by Cummins Bridgeway. The first solution was to install a new "Fuel Accum Mod #4025319RX" at mileage 62842. I returned the MH at mileage 63696 with the same issues. The second solution put in 6 new fuel injectors and removed the Slober container and tube. It appears the slober port has been plugged. Present mileage is 67770 and all conditions except for the full Slober container have returned. Oil analysis on the first two service appointments showed fuel in the oil. Looking for suggestions for the potential source of this problem. I am throwing out a lot of money on oil, filters, and service. So far I am not getting the problem solved.
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