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  1. I have a 2018 Jeep Rubicon that I tow behind my Allegro Bus. I have an Air Force 1 brake system that I have used for three years with no problems. I had to make a panic brake application in Phoenix rush hour traffic. I didn't notice that the brake indicator light on my Jeep was on until later. I stopped and the brakes had not released so I disconnected the air line and drained the emergency break away in order to get off the interstate. When I disconnected the Jeep I had no brakes other than the e brake. I have taken it to a shop and am waiting on replacement parts. Brake lines and caliper pistons are all compromised and burnt. Once new parts are on we will pressure everything up to check for leaks. Strangely the brake master cylinder is full of fluid but the pedal goes to the floor. As the Air Force 1 is a pneumatic system is it possible that a valve in the control box malfunctioned and did not allow the air to release after a brake application? Still in the process of analyzing this but any input is appreciated.
  2. I have also posted concerns about Shaw on the Tiffin RV forum and some people say they are still getting service in Alabama and Florida. It may be possible that the new satellite signal will not be available in the US but that the signal from the original satellites will continue for some time. I agree that it does not seem right that Shaw sold and continued to sell their equipment even when they must have known that there would be an issue with their service. I don't know if this is something that was put in place by government but that would seem to be the only defense Shaw could have as anything else could be considered false advertising.
  3. I have been told that Shaw is going to limit their footprint the same way Bell did. Anyone know any details on this issue?
  4. Hi Tom, I have 2005 Holiday Rambler Imperial with a Cummins 400 ISL and a 3000MH Allison. It has an electronic fluid level check feature. There is a dipstick tube with a cap on it but no dipstck. Would it be possible to put a dipstick so that I have the option of either method of fluid level checking? Thank you RM1953
  5. The new hyd. motor is in and running as it should. It has the Sauer danfoss part no. on it but is now made by Dynamatic.The one detail left is that there is a switching valve for hyd. oil to be diverted to a cooler or bypass as temp. dictates. It is available and will be here Mon.and installed Tues. That should complete the repair. Thanks to Gord at Nova Hydraulics for finding the motor and Richard for the support and info. I informed Monaco tech support that Gord has access to these otherwise rare hyd. motors and I hope that can help anyone else with a problem like this. RM1953
  6. Thanks to John Davies who checked out the previous part nos. and specs. They don't interchange and there is no rebuild kit. So just when I had resigned myself to a 8-13 week wait, I got an email from Gord at Nova Hydraulics in Indianapolis and he has 2 or 3 of these Sauer Danfoss hyd. motors available. Should be installed by this time next week after delivery and shop access to install. What a relief! RM1953
  7. Just got out of the shop and after taking the motor apart, we did find enough scarring to justify a new one. Also checking out the solenoid control for debris in case that has to be found as well. It is possible that there is a motor on a shelf somewhere but Sauer Danfoss is not connected for tracking down parts like Cat for example is. I wonder if it was only Monaco that was using these parts. Would Winnibago,Tiffin or Newmar who did not go through a reorganization have used these as the Cummins 400 ISL is common with a side rad. setup? To everyone out there with this setup, do all the maintenance faithfully or you might be waiting a long time with a high frustration level. RM1953
  8. I have found a motor on Ebay that looks close physically but the part nos. are off. Ebay no. is 551101134160 and the Sauer Danfoss no. is 551101096170. Are the specs close enough? Even if it runs a little slower and therefore longer that is better than waiting 13 weeks and being 1700 miles from home as well. Appreciate any input. RM1953
  9. The coach is going to a shop tomorrow and we are starting at the new pump and making sure that flow and pressures are what they should be at the 2-stage pump and then using a different hose from the pump to the fan motor to bypass everything and see if we can get fan function and then go piece by piece through the system. RM
  10. The part no. is 55110196170. That is on the tag of the Sauer Danfoss hyd. motor. There is a switching valve attached to the motor and I could forward an email w/ pics to anyone who may be able to help. It has been on and off the coach twice and it will turn when it is cold on high idle but after warm up it will not turn. I am in Yuma and if there are techs that are in this area that anyone can suggest it would be much appreciated. RM1953
  11. I will have the motor out on Mon. and will forward more info as available. Thanks for your help. RM1953
  12. My power steering pump broke down and the fan motor is connected to it as well. After replacing the pump, the fan still does not work although the steering is okay. The fan motor is a Sauer Danfoss type 551101096170 built in July '04. Monaco says 13 weeks delivery from the UK. The best so far is 7 weeks from a supplier in Edmonton. Any idea where one might be found or bulit sooner than that?
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