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  1. OK, final question. whats the best battery charger/tender/maintainer that I can get for this application: 1) Coach shore line plugged in to 30 amp 2) New AGM batteries, 2-3 for the coach and 1 for the chassis 3) Obsolete converter replaced with ________ ?
  2. Looking through AGM's website, it takes a ton of batteries to provide AC power for any length of time. (In an analogy, due to northern Illinois ice storms my wife and I put in an alternate power supply for our home. A battery solar powered battery bank and inverter unit was far more expensive and took an entire room in the basement vs. an on demand generator running off our spare LP) I think our RV is in the same situation where I would run the generator for electrical and use coach batteries for the 12V system. I think the smart charger and 2-3 coach batteries would be sufficient for our needs. There are very few times we are traveling in the RV without the generator powering the AC.
  3. Thank you Brett, I'll be putting 30 amp service out to the coach storage. I'll be buying batteries per your recommendations. Regarding the smart charger vs inverter/charger, what questions do I have to answer to make a good choice? then, what is your recommendation for equipment? Again, cost is not a problem as I'll be driving this coach about 15 trips of 2-3 days length for the next 5 years.
  4. Hello Brett, Here's what I know- The coach has a Parallax 7400 Series Converter/battery charger (manual says its set at a nominal 13.8 volts output for battery charging) The coach is a 30 amp. I can place an outlet and plug the coach in between trips (sounds like that would be an option vs. solar power type charger) I intend to run the generator for 120v electrical power when dry camping I don't have an inverter that produces 120v from the batteries. If that's an option, i would have to get one and install. I have had friends tell me the AGM battery or the Optima battery are best. Further, i should get a battery maintenance device in the coach that is more fucntional than the basic parallax converter I know have. Spending the money on great batteries i should invest in a system to keep them at top performance and max life use. Does any of that help? Jamie
  5. Hello everyone, Great information regarding coach maintenance. I thank you for your great advice. I've learned much by just reading old topics/posts. Here's my situation: 2007 Winnebago 32K with continually dead batteries. I've done everything wrong- parasite loads leeching off batteries; 2 weeks between drives, charge them up and they last a few days then even with main power switch off they gradually decay. I've got 2 kids who help with the parasitic loads by leaving lights on, stuff plugged in the 12V. (I'm only occasionally kidding about their parasitic loads. Ha!) I've checked volt meter and now bad cells are problem, too. I'm replacing the batteries, but want to do an upgrade to a more sustainable system Here's a fun option- Money is no problem. Where do I start and where do I finish? 1) Chassis battery and alternator? 2) Batteries for the coach? 3) inverter for shore line and generator? 4) Solar trickle charger? 5) kill switches at key points in the system? If you put a 'best options' plan together, I'll put it in the coach during the winter down time. Ultimate use of the coach is 15 2-3 day trips across the Midwest for golf, quick vacations each summer. Some are dry camping WalMarts with generator. Others are @ county campgrounds with 30 amp service. We do a few 1 week trips but those always have 30amp service at destinations. Its got to be able to survive 10-14 days parked between rides. Final question, would putting a 30amp outlet at home and plugging in be a good option, too? How would I do inverter/charger and set up in that scenario? Thanks for the great advice- Jamie Nesselroad
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